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“I like it when a author can catch me off-guard so thoroughly.”

“This was powerful and emotional story that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I couldn’t put it down.”

“This one surprised me in a lot of ways but it was pleasant surprises and the plot went in places that were not predictable.”

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An excerpt from Warrior

“You shall become Commander Ilian’s breeder,” Marlix said.

Anika reeled under the blow. She had expected unfortunate news when her sibling had summoned her to his salon, but had no idea it would be this bad. Anika glanced at the pink-haired Terran Marlix had claimed as his breeder. Tara appeared stunned, too. Although much of Alpha Marlix’s authority had eroded since the Parseon civil war began, he still wielded considerable power over those in his province—and his household.

Over her. Anika swallowed the bitterness in her throat. After tasting the honey of freedom, how could she give it up?

“I seek what is best for you.” Marlix’s severe expression softened, but good intentions did not lessen her despair.

The set of his shoulders indicated he’d made up his mind and there would be no budging him. But while she was female, the blood of Parseon warriors flowed in her veins. She would not surrender. Not even if the outcome was preordained. “I wish to remain on my own.”

“Not possible. You cannot survive without a male.”

“Since Jergan died, I have been surviving fine.”

“Because you reside in my domicile. This will not suffice as a long-term living arrangement. For you to become the breeder of Commander Ilian is the perfect solution. He is a better match for you than I had hoped for.”

“Because of Jergan.”

“Yes.” Marlix did not skirt the truth as he believed it. “Few alphas of any status would be willing to take you after your purchase by a beta male. But for a Commander to accept you?” His tone rose with incredulity at her supposed good fortune.

“But betas have been in battle. Surely they have greater status now,” she argued. Jergan had been kind and honorable—in buying her, he’d rescued her from the Breeder Containment Facility. He had died for her—and she would not allow him to be maligned. Why should it matter if he had been beta?

“The necessary conscription of betas due to the number of males killed in the war does not make them alphas. When Qalin and Artom are defeated, Protocol will be restored,” he said, even though he had ignored Parseon customs and rules when he took a Terran female as his breeder. But the act had given Anika hope Marlix would allow her to seek her way.

How naive she had been.

Her brother, as Tara had dubbed him, inclined his head toward an armed alpha guard standing at attention. “Zoulin will escort you on the morn to Commander Ilian’s abode.”

So soon? Anika snapped her head back in shock. “But—but—”

“Can’t you at least give her time to get used to the idea?” Her body swollen by pregnancy, Tara struggled to rise from the divan upon which she’d been sitting. Marlix rushed to assist her. Tara shot him a smile of thanks and guile, and settled a hand on his chest. “Let Anika meet with Ilian. Get to know him first.”

“In ordinary circumstances, that might be possible. But war demands prompt action.” Marlix peered down at Tara with an open regard few males exhibited toward their breeders.

Which made his insistence Anika enter into an emotionless transaction so frustrating. “Does it not matter what I want?” In desperation, she grabbed for any argument that might sway him. “What if I have regard for another?”

Marlix whipped around, his gaze narrowing to razor sharpness. “Do you?”

In truth, she desired no male overseer—kind or cruel, they all sought control. It only differed in the matter of degree.

But, unbidden, an image of a tall male with somber eyes, his body marked by faded scars, his hair shorn, constricted her heart. She might never see him again, if Marlix proceeded with his plan.

If? When. Tomorrow.

But though she and Urazi, Marlix’s former beta, had comforted each other over their shared trials, and she’d developed affection for him, he did not factor into her aspirations. Autonomy did. Freedom. She shook off the unexpected frisson of pain leaving him evoked and glared at Marlix.

“No. There is no one. But you have found regard with Tara. Why can you not allow me an opportunity to find the same?” She would miss the sad-eyed man. Would he miss her? They’d found solace together. Perhaps if they teamed up….

She discarded the idea, for she employed no illusions where Urazi’s loyalty lay. He would die for his Alpha. He almost had.

“I have allowed you time to grieve over Jergan, but your future must be settled while the opportunity exists. Once you are installed in Ilian’s domicile and have been impregnated with his son, you will see this is the best solution. Commander Ilian will treat you well, will protect you.”

“Would I not be safe living in your domicile?” she cried.

“You must perform your duty and bear offspring for the good of Parseon.”

Duty demanded an exorbitant toll from those least able to pay it. She hadn’t done anything to cause the problem, yet she was being asked—commanded—to fix it. Former Commander Tarbek had sold breeders to the Veronians to finance his plot to take control of the planet. Tarbek had been killed by Commander Dak, but not before his actions had left Parseon with a shortage of females.

Tara shook her head in a silent warning of caution. I will work on him, she seemed to say. If anyone could influence Marlix, she could, except Anika did not have time to allow Tara to perform her magic.

The stubborn, autocratic son of her sire had made up his mind. Zoulin, the guard, would deliver her to Ilian tomorrow. She would never be free. Underneath her double-sleeved winter shift, Anika could feel the phantom weight of a breeder ring tug on her right nipple. She would be tagged and bred. Forced to submit to Ilian’s whims.

She ran from the room and let the door crash behind her.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]Warrior Blurb

In a battle to save their planet, will their love be the casualty?

On a planet where women are chattel, Anika is to be delivered to become the mate of an Alpha Commander. Secretly in love with another, she is unable to accept the arrangement and flees. Bound by his duty, her lover Urazi intended to bring her back to fulfill her function. But war intervenes, and as their planet fights a desperate battle against a villainous despot, Anika and Urazi become united in their determination to save their people. But with their lives on the line, the love they share may become the biggest risk of all.

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