Guest blog: Big Blue Valentine: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Sue Lyndon

Big-Blue-Valentine-Final-MED(web)By Sue Lyndon

Where do we turn when we’ve made a big mistake and we need to talk to someone about it? Our friends, of course! In my new release, Big Blue Valentine, Minnie does just that after she loses her temper and makes a bad decision. She calls her best friend, Rosa, back on Earth and confesses about the naughty thing she did to her husband, Prince Zak. The following is a snippet of their conversation…

Big Blue Valentine excerpt:

“Oh, Rosa. I’m in so much trouble!” Minnie hunkered down in the interplanetary communication cubicle in her private library and stared at her best friend’s smirking face. “It’s not funny! I’m serious. Prince Zak is going to exile me from Erta’Aklann and I’ll have to come back to Earth, once a princess.”

Rosa’s tinkling laughter drifted through the speakers. “What did you do this time, bestie? Did you offend Queen Terwina again?”

“I wish I’d offended the queen, but I did something far worse than that. I…”

“No, wait! Don’t tell me. I want to guess.” Rosa grinned and tapped her chin. “Hm. Did you let a wild Erta’Aklann monkey into the palace again? Or did you let your sister-in-law borrow another naughty romance novel under the pretense of learning to read English? Oh, wait, I know!” She leaned closer to the screen and whispered, “You touched yourself without Prince Zak’s permission again, didn’t you? You naughty girl. I bet he’ll punish you thoroughly for it too.” She waggled her eyebrows.

Minnie shook her head and exhaled slowly. “It’s worse than all of those things combined and multiplied by a bajillion.”

Rosa slumped back in her chair. “Okay, bestie, I officially give up. Whaddya do?”

Minnie rose up and glanced from side to side over the cubicle walls, even though she hadn’t heard anyone enter the library. Even so, only the servants visited this room for cleaning. If Zak wanted to speak with her, he might search for her here, but he was in Parliament today. Oh heavens. Parliament. In front of thousands of his people. She sat back down, groaned, and covered her face.

“Come on, Minniepants. Spill it. Some of us have to go to work today.”

She dropped her hands into her lap and took a deep breath. “I squeezed a lemon slice into Zak’s dresman juice this morning, and he drank the whole cup.”


“Aklannians are allergic to lemons. It turns them blue from head to toe. Bright blue! I saw it happen once in the kitchen when one of the servants pranked another servant. It doesn’t hurt them in any way, but their skin turns blue for several days. Prince Zak didn’t see me do it, obviously, and he’s at Parliament right now.”

“Oh dear. He’s going to turn blue in front of the whole planet!”

Minnie ran a hand through her curly auburn locks. Rosa was right. Parliament sessions were broadcast all over Erta’Aklann. “I’m doomed.”

“More like spanked.”

Big Blue Valentine blurb:

It’s probably not smart to turn a powerful alien prince blue on purpose, but when Princess Minnie thinks her husband, Zak, forgot Valentine’s Day, she impulsively squeezes a lemon slice into his drink. She knows full well the effect lemon has on Aklannians. Now it’s just a matter of time before his golden skin turns a brilliant shade of blue. She plots to have him called back from Parliament so she can confess her naughtiness to him in private, but the scheme blows up in her face.

Prince Zak can’t believe someone slipped lemon into his drink, causing him to postpone his Valentine’s Day surprise for Minnie. But he’s even more stunned to discover his own wife is behind his sudden change in color. Big, blue, and infuriated, he storms through the palace halls in search of his wayward princess. She has some explaining to do.

Big Blue Valentine is available for the low low price of 99 cents. It’s also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so KU members can borrow and read it for free.

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Amazon US | Amazon UK

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6 Responses to Guest blog: Big Blue Valentine: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Sue Lyndon

  1. 😀 LOVE IT!! So cute and perfect for a quick read!!!

  2. Sue Lyndon says:

    Thanks so much for having me today, Cara!

  3. This was a cute story that was fun and naughty at the same time. Congrats on the new release. And I love the cover.

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