#8Sunday: From The Goddess’s Curse…a futile dash for freedom

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]I’m baaack…. I missed a couple of weeks of Weekend Writing Warriors due to traveling out of town to a nephew’s wedding. Since I last participated, The Goddess’s Curse has been published in paperback, in addition to ebook!

In my last snippet from The Goddess’s Curse, a fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal romance, the heroine awakened in a strange bed, next to a strange man. After her initial panic, she calms down, but as they talk, she begins to get the sense she might not be permitted to leave…

She gauged the distance to the door.

“I wish it were that simple,” he said, his regretful tone and firm set of his jaw confirming her worst fear: she was his prisoner. Every horror story she’d ever heard flooded her mind. And no one knew she was here.

She moved to the bedside table. Her hand shook as she picked up the ewer, poured a measure into the pewter mug, and downed it. Raising the heavy pitcher as if to pour herself another ration of water, she flung it at his head and bolted for freedom.

The Goddess’s Curse blurb

Sharona women and barbarian Lahon men maintain separate lives until libidinal fever strikes, and the Sharona are forced to mate. Stricken by a mysterious terminal illness, Reena, the Sharona queen’s daughter, jumps at the chance to accompany a cousin on her mating journey so she can at least see a Lahon before she dies.

Garat, leader of the Lahon, has only hatred for the Sharona because of the woman who birthed and killed his son years ago. Now that a massive earthquake has left his people with precious little water, he has the perfect excuse to avenge his son’s death by driving the Sharona from their homeland to take what the Lahon need. When he encounters Reena on the mating journey he takes her hostage to force the Sharona to capitulate to his demands, but finds himself drawn to her instead. As his desire rises, lust for revenge wanes.

But after what he’s done, can he convince her of the evil that lies in the palace in time to save her life?

Print version on Amazon

It’s also available in ebook versions on these sites:

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | All Romance

Kobo | Apple iTunes | Scribd

I’ll have a new Rod and Cane Society spanking/BDSM romance coming out in mid May. You tell me…should I continue with The Goddess’s Curse or would you prefer to read snippets from Irresistible Attractions?

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13 Responses to #8Sunday: From The Goddess’s Curse…a futile dash for freedom

  1. Love the tension in this scene! Nice work, Cara!

  2. Gemma Parkes says:

    Tense, she had no other choice than to try to escape! Can’t wait to read whether or not she made it.

  3. Gem Sivad says:

    She assesses the situation and has a plan. I like her!!

  4. Tina Christopher says:

    Oh, I like her. I love that she takes action and makes a run for it. Great 8.

  5. Love the woman with guts to hit and run. Dynamite eight.

  6. Naomi Shaw says:

    Very tense. I hope she gets away. Great snippet

  7. Siobhan Muir says:

    Woot! You go, girl! I love her choice. It might end badly, but I’m glad she took the chance. Great snippet, Cara. 🙂

  8. Courage in the face of adversity is such an admirable trait. She’s got gumption; I like her.

  9. Nice! I didn’t see that one coming! Congrats on the paperback release, Cara! 🙂

  10. I like a woman who doesn’t wait around to be rescued. As everyone has said she’s got gumption! Excellent excerpt, although I have a feeling it isn’t going to turn out as well as she’s hoping….

  11. Kim Magennis says:

    Excellent shift between feeling helpless and afraid and taking action. I love strong women in fiction. I am looking forward to following her story. Thanks for sharing Cara

  12. thinking of an escape and rolling with it. loved this scene

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