#SatSpanks: From Irresistible Attractions…a little cleaner girl gets in trouble…

CaraBristol_irresistibleattractions_3dbookPromoGraphic_640x480Irresistible Attractions is here! Live on Amazon and other book sites:

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For Saturday Spankings, I offer this little snippet (a tad over the 8 sentences rule):

Jordan picked up the cane she’d dropped. On the more severe side of the implement family, the cane wasn’t for newbies. He replaced it on the wall. “Have you ever been spanked? I mean, other than the one you gave yourself?”

Pink deepened to crimson, and she shook her head.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you,” he said.
“Excuse me?”
“No, sir.” She focused on his shirt button.
“That’s better.” The response he’d sought shot straight to his groin. “Did you like spanking yourself?”
“I don’t know,” she mumbled.
“It’s considered polite to look at someone when he addresses you.”

Irresistible Attractions blurb:

College student Hannah Laurie works nights for a cleaning service. Among its clients is the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of domestic discipline practitioners. As she cleans the mansion headquarters, she becomes fascinated by the idea of being spanked. One evening, she surrenders to the impulse to try out the equipment in the secret disciplinary chamber.

Millionaire cybersecurity magnate Jordan Bevy, Rod and Cane’s disciplinary proctor, ensures the rules of the organization are followed to a T. Using the disciplinary chamber for personal pleasure is strictly forbidden. But when he catches the shy little cleaner girl trying out the equipment, what’s a fellow to do but bend the rules and give her a hand?

Everything seems like fun and games, until their relationship deepens and their respective worlds collide and clash. Can a lowly cleaner girl ever find acceptance in her boyfriend’s monied world?

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16 Responses to #SatSpanks: From Irresistible Attractions…a little cleaner girl gets in trouble…

  1. Got it, now I can’t wait to read it. I do feel sorry for Hannah, but I love the way her innocence is drawing Jordan in.

  2. Holla Dean says:

    I so want to read this! It’s on my Kindle, waiting for me to find a little time.

  3. I just bought this Cara. Looks like another great Rod and Cane book. I can’t wait to read it 🙂

  4. Leigh Smith says:

    I’m like all the rest, I bought it – now I just have to read it. I’m exercising restraint because I like to read my purchses in order – doesn’t always work.

  5. Agreed, no canes for newbies! Yeow. Looking forward to seeing what he uses instead.

  6. Love that line – her response “shot straight to his groin”!

  7. PK Corey says:

    I’m right in the middle of this and I’m loving it. She sure caught on to the ‘sir’ thing right away.

  8. Lillyanna says:

    I’ve read some of your Rod and Cane Society books and really enjoyed them and from what I’ve read this one will be my kind of story too! Nice snippet Cara:)

  9. Jaye Peaches says:

    She’s going to be learning quick!

  10. Kelly Dawson says:

    I love Hannah’s innocence. I don’t have this book yet, but I’ll be getting it.

  11. Ashe Barker says:

    I’m reading this one right now, and loving it

  12. Ooh, I just love how he gives her a hard time!!!

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