#SpankA2Z: P is for Blondie’s PADDLES! #spanking

A2Z-logo2015Welcome to day 16  of the 2nd Annual Spanking A to Z blog challenge. Throughout  June, spanking fiction authors will post a blog corresponding to a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with A and ending with Z. Many of the blogs, including mine, will focus on some aspect of spanking and/or the authors’ books, but you’ll also run across many random, but fun topics.

I have a special treat today! An interview with Blondie of Blondie’s Paddles.

Yep, P is for Paddle!

Cara: What made you begin selling paddles?

Blondie: I bought a paddle, as a surprise for my husband. And boy was it a surprise. Thepaddle 1 paddle was unfinished and wasn’t sanded down. Slivers would hurt worse than the spank. Ty fixed it and he figured that he could easily make other paddles. We already had a wood working site on Etsy, so we thought, why not try another store selling paddles? And so far, I know that we made a good choice.

Cara: Who actually makes them? You? Your husband? Do you sell them anywhere besides Etsy?

Blondie: Ty, my husband, actually makes them. He is the talented wood worker. I take care of the store, posting, selling, mailing, that kind of stuff. We only sell on Etsy but I have been thinking about possibly selling them on other sites like FetLife.

Cara: Do you or your husband “test” the paddles?paddle with holes

Blondie: When Ty comes up with a new paddle design, I am always the one he tests it on. We have had a lot of spankings…… I have some favorites that we keep and some paddles that we haven’t put on the market (my special requests)

Cara: What are the pros/cons of wood-v-leather?

Blondie: That is difficult for me to explain. Wood is solid and the paddle can be placed exactly where the spanker wants the paddle to fall, the paddle doesn’t leave welts though it definitely leaves the butt red and can cause blistering if there isn’t a proper warm up. The pain from the paddle changes with the heaviness of the wood and how hard the spanker is spanking, so there is a lot of control with each spank.

The belt is lighter, more stingy. Leather is, I think, liked because it seems more erotic. But the problem with leather is that one doesn’t have a lot of control over the “belt” turning and that can leave some pretty bad welts. It is something that most people, including myself, really crave.

Cara: What’s your most popular paddle? red paddle

Blondie: The Mini Red Oak spanking paddle is probably our most popular. It comes in three different type paddles. They are all made of oak. The dimensions are 1/2″x2 3/4″x15 1/2″. One has no holes, one has four 1″ holes and one has ten 1/2″ holes. They are perfect for everyone and every type of spanking.

We offer some very unique paddles that are one of a kind and those seem to sell quickly and people always write positive reviews.

Cara: Other than a paddle, what is your next favorite spanking implement?

Blondie: Other than the paddle, that would definitely be Ty’s hand.

Cara: Please tell us a little about you.

cute blondieBlondie: Me? I am a wife and a mother. Married to my husband for 25 years and I have 5 children, four boys and a daughter. I appear to be a nice little church going soccer mom driving the minivan. Well, I am all that but I have also been into kink for a very long time. We enjoy BDSM as much as possible and we also have a DD relationship that is pretty much 24/7. I love spankings, reading about spankings and other erotic fiction, and I have been a blogger for quite awhile.

Cara: Quick Five

Three famous people, dead or alive, you’d like to have dinner with? Jesus Christ, Timothy Richards, and blogger Rogue

Something you always do first thing in the morning? Think about my day and say a short prayer

A favorite movie? Bridesmaids

Your favorite food? Mexican

Your favorite subject in school was?  English

blondie logo

Blondies Blog  ♥ BlondiesPlace on Etsy


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10 Responses to #SpankA2Z: P is for Blondie’s PADDLES! #spanking

  1. Great interview! I have a paddle but have been wanting a Blondie’s paddle for a while! I think I’m buying one!

  2. Tina says:

    I also have a Blondie paddle that I won. I don’t know if it will ever be used

  3. Leigh Smith says:

    Great interview, Blondie and Cara. Thanks

  4. Laurel Lasky says:

    Great interview. I won a Corbin Bend paddle. That sucker is very thick and heavy. I gave myself a smack and said, too much for me, besides my husband is 90 and too old to play. Oh well.

  5. Hi Blondie and Cara, Blondie, can you ship your paddles to the Netherlands? And can I join you on your dinner with Rogue? I love her 🙂

    Nice interview, Cara.

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