#SpankA2Z: Q is for Qua, favorite Q words, #Scrabble

A2Z-logo2015Welcome to day 17  of the 2nd Annual Spanking A to Z blog challenge. Throughout  June, spanking fiction authors will post a blog corresponding to a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with A and ending with Z. Many of the blogs, including mine, will focus on some aspect of spanking and/or the authors’ books, but you’ll also run across many random, but fun topics.

Q is for Qua

Qua, adv., meaning in the capacity of.

Ex: The President qua commander-in-chief sent troops to Afghanistan.

Qua is not a word that has ever appeared in any of my spanking romances, but I’ve used it a lot.

In Scrabble.

Qua has saved my butt numerous times. The letter Q in Scrabble is worth 10 points. I like to save it until I can play it on a double or triple word score (or at least a double to triple letter score) to rack up the points. But get the Q late in the game when the board is filled up, and often there isn’t a place to play quilt, quiet, quite, queen, quean, queer, the commonly used Q words.

That’s why qua is great; it’s short, and As are readily available. But, you also need a U and there are only four of them in Scrabble. Sometimes you have a Q and no available U. The horror!

Leftover letters at the end of game are deducted from your score and added to the other players’. Get stuck with a Q, worth 10 points, and it can make or break you.

So I have my favorite Q words that don’t require a U:

Qat – a variation of kat, which is a variation of khat, which is a tree grown in the Middle East, the leaves of which have stimulant and addictive properties.

Qaid – plural of caid, which is a Muslim leader.

Qoph – plural of koph, a Hebrew letter

Suq – plural of souk, which is a Middle Eastern marketplace

Faqir – plural of fakir, which is a Hindu ascetic

Tranq – plural of trank, a term for tranquilizer

There are longer words too, but when the spaces are loaded, it’s time for a Hail Mary pass.

Do you have a favorite Q word?

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15 Responses to #SpankA2Z: Q is for Qua, favorite Q words, #Scrabble

  1. Lisa Medley says:

    Oh boy! This is going to rock your Scrabble world…ready? Qi. Google it. It’s legit and in the official Scrabble dictionary.

    You are welcome!

    Scrabble on.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I need to update my Scrabble dictionary. It’s not in mine. I love Qi. Qi means never getting stuck with a Q again.

  2. Leigh Smith says:

    Qi has saved me many times.

  3. OMG– I’m going to memorize these for the next time we play scrabble!!

  4. Jaye Peaches says:

    I like quintessential. No use for scrabble though.

  5. Qwillia Rain says:

    Quarry, quay, quey (the last two can be pronounced quay or key – meaning a dock or port) query, quirt, queue and quill. I have tried to sneak my name in (both my pen name and my real name since they both begin with “Q”, but no luck.)


    • Cara Bristol says:

      I’ve used those words, too. Queue is a toughie because it takes 2 Us and they’re in short supply. If my name was Qwillia, I’d want to sneak it in, too.

  6. Laurel Lasky says:

    My is quit, lol I’m always last in a scrabble game. I’m good at backgammon, chess Chinese checkers but suck at word games.

  7. Laurel Lasky says:

    If you look at my sentence you’ll see I can’t spell simple words.

  8. As always, a helpful blog post! Makes me want to break out the scrabble board. 🙂 I used to play on my phone. Maybe I’ll start a game today.

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