#SpankA2Z: Y is for YARD work

A2Z-logo2015Welcome to day 25 of the 2nd Annual Spanking A to Z blog challenge. We’re almost done! This month, spanking fiction authors have been blogging to a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with A and ending with Z. Many of the blogs, focus on some aspect of spanking and/or the authors’ books, but you’ll also run across random, but fun topics.

Y is for Yard work.

My feelings for yard work can be summed up in two words: hate it.

You can dress it up and call it “gardening” but that doesn’t change anything.

I love having a nicely landscaped yard; I hate the mowing, weeding, pruning, planting, watering, etc. I do as little of it as I can get away with and even get others to do my yard work every now and then.

I have mowed the lawn exactly three times in my entire life:

  • Once when I was single. I’d bought my first house. I borrowed a lawnmower from my parents and mowed my lawn. After my nap, I got on the phone and hired a gardener.
  • Once when my husband’s back went out.
  • Once when I asked my husband for help with resealing our wood deck (a 3-hour job) and he said he couldn’t help me because he needed to mow the lawn (a 15 minute job for him). So I traded him. It took me ½ hour, but it was best trade I ever made.
This is how I like to do yard work.

This is how I like to do yard work.

In our previous house in Seattle, somehow the chores got divided thusly: my husband mowed lawn and I did the weeding and watering. Mowing the lawn took him 10-15 minutes per week. Weeding took me 45 minutes per week and the watering 1 ½ hours every other day in the summer. We didn’t have automatic sprinklers so I had to keep running outside to move the hose. So my portion of the yard work was 5-6 hours per week; his was ¼ hour per week.

Then we moved to Missouri. I learned from my mistake and made sure we put down a weed barrier in the landscape beds and installed automatic sprinklers. We have much larger yard and my husband now uses a riding mower. It takes him about ½ to ¾ hour to mow. My time spent on yard work: 0.


We’re almost at the end of SpankA2Z. One more day!


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4 Responses to #SpankA2Z: Y is for YARD work

  1. When we lived in Colorado, I dreamt of having a lush, green garden but it was too dry. Now in Holland, everything grows. Everything. I was thrilled at first but now, I’m with you. I’d rather sit and have a beer and watch the ‘gardening’ getting done!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      It’s a lot of work! But some people really enjoy it. For me, it’s kind of like laundry and dishes–you’re never done.

  2. S.J. Maylee says:

    I’ve never mowed the yard. Crazy, I know. My dad, brother, or husband has always done it. I think watering might actually be a bigger pet peeve than weeding. Lol. Our sprinkling system was definitely money well spent. Besides the yard which takes the hubs an hour to mow on his rider, we have many flower beds and a garden full of veggies and herbs. Weed barriers are definitely my friend, so are gardens that fill in and don’t need much weeding. Yard work is hard but I adore the results. 🙂

    • Cara Bristol says:

      A lot of people I know who enjoy “gardening” don’t mow their lawns. That’s the grunt work part of it. Here in Missouri, the ground is very rocky. After a rain, it goes from muddy to cement overnight. When we were putting in the landscaping, I’d considered just paying for the “plan,” figuring, I can dig a few holes. Thank goodness I didn’t do that. I probably would put in more flowers, but I don’t want to disturb the weed barrier.

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