#SpankA2Z: Z is for Zenith, the pinnacle of blogging

A2Z-logo2015This is day 26, the last day of the 2nd Annual Spanking A to Z blog challenge. This month spanking fiction authors have been blogging to a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with A and ending with Z. 

Z is for Zenith

Zenith is the culminating or highest point. After writing 26 blogs in 30 days, I feel like I have reached the zenith. It was fun and wild. Would I do it again? A definite…maybe. I had two book releases during Spank A2Z, which challenged me to fit in my book blogs plus guest blogs  in the alphabet format. On the other hand, challenge can be a good thing. I think some of my blogs were more creative than they might have been.

My blog hits remained constant during the month, but I think that actually represents an increase in new traffic, because I stopped doing my usual weekend blog hops which generate quite a few hits, and  many of my regular visitors who participated in the challenge got burned out early on and didn’t visit. If you had visited all the participating blogs for all 26 letters, that would have been more than 1200 blogs!

I missed one letter — N.  That was release day for Stolen Moments, my new romantic comedy/spanking romance.  However I did blog that day, so let’s just call it N for New Release.

Anyway, this is the month that was:

A is for AUTOEROTIC spanking | B is for the BEST of conversations with my husband | C is CINCINNATID is for self-DISCIPLINE E is for EDITING F is for FIFTIES (1950s)|  G is for GUEST (authors who’ve appeared on by blog this year)|  H is for my publishing HISTORY|  I is for 10 things that are IRRESISTIBLE |, J is for author JARGON glossary| K is for writing what you KNOW|  L is for LORI Foster Reader and Author Get Together | M is for MEDIA Kit how-to|  N is for NEW release – Stolen Moments|  O is for ORGASM|  P is for PADDLE (an interview with Blondie)|  Q is for QUA Scrabble Q word| R is for REALIZING HER DREAM|  S is for STOLEN MOMENTS | T is for THESAURUS | U is for USED car salesman| V is for VINTAGE | W is for WETA Nichols WRITING contest | X is seX education | Y is for YARD work | and Z is for ZENITH!

This is your last chance to take a peek at the other participating authors:

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  1. Measha Stone says:

    It was a great month! I read so many new books and have picked up a few new favorites!

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