#SpankAtoZ: S is for Stolen Moments, a #spanking romance #KindleUnlimited

He’s a spanking romance author. She’s his neglected wife who would like to get in on the action he writes about. It will take only one thing…a foolproof plan…


Stolen Moments is a short novellete available for 99 cents on Amazon. It’s Free with Kindle Unlimited.

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An excerpt from Stolen Moments.

The screen door banged shut as Mary Sue entered the house and toed off her work shoes. The floor tile, though hard, soothed her hot, aching feet as she detoured into the tiny kitchen to shove a foam container of chicken-fried steak into the fridge. They’d have that for dinner. After waitressing all day, she was too tired to cook, and Billy could hardly be pried away from his precious computer long enough to eat, let alone fix a meal.

She found him in the bedroom he used as an office, pecking at the keyboard. It was amazing how well that man could type with two fingers, and his furious rate of speed indicated he was “on a roll” as he called it, and wouldn’t appreciate being disturbed.

Except she hadn’t seen him all day. Or last night either. She had no idea what time he’d come to bed. She’d fallen asleep alone while he “did one more thing” at the computer.

“I’m home!” she announced.

“Oh, hi.” Billy didn’t even turn around, but continued to hammer at the blasted machine.

You have the prettiest green eyes. I could look at you all day. He used to tell her that all the time when they dated in high school and after they married. Then he got hurt in the accident. Now he couldn’t spare her a ten-second glance.

“You’ll never guess what happened.”

Peck. Peck. Peck.

Mary Sue raised her voice. “I said, you’ll never guess what happened.”

“Huh? What?”

“Mr. McDermott came into the diner today,” she spoke to her husband’s back. “His house was broken into yesterday. The burglars got at least $1,000 in change he kept in a big water jug. Mr. McDermott says it must’ve weighed 200 pounds. The burglars would have had to roll it out.”

“That’s nice.”

“I brought home frog entrails and chicken beaks for dinner.”

“That’s good.”

“Billy, I’ve been gone all day,” Mary Sue snapped. “Could you at least give me one minute of your attention?”

Pecking stopped. A sigh followed. Billy swiveled in his computer chair. “I’m sorry. I’m about three pages from being done with this book.” So why do you have to interrupt me now? She could read the frustration on his handsome face; it was no less than what she was feeling.

If he wasn’t finishing a book, he was starting one. Or struggling with the middle. Or blogging, tweeting, or posting about a recent release.

Billy rubbed his nape. “What were you saying?” His gaze darted from her face to the laptop.

Two seconds. She’d held his attention for all of two seconds. “Nothing!” she huffed.

“For God’s sake, Mary Sue!” He scowled, and she could tell what he was thinking. If it’s nothing, why are you bothering me?

She flicked her hand at his laptop. “Go back to your writing. It doesn’t matter.” She stomped down the hall.

She supported him. Truly, she did. But he spent more time with Beverly Golightly than he did with her. The heroine of the series of novels he wrote, Beverly had become the other woman in their marriage, a fictitious one, but a rival all the same. And the irony was Mary Sue had encouraged him to create her. She’d pushed her husband into the arms of his paper mistress.

2Sometimes Billy got so preoccupied with writing about sex they didn’t have sex. Other times, his story would turn him on, and he’d track her down in the kitchen and give her his hey-hey look. Well, Mary Sue didn’t accept any woman’s sloppy seconds, even if the hussy was just words on a page.

Had she only foreseen how things would turn out, she might not have been so supportive.

Billy had been bored out of his gourd while he was off work and going through rehab after being injured in a construction accident. Always active in sports, he could never sit still long enough to read a book, let alone write one, until his forced convalescence made him pick up her e-reader one day. Mary Sue would never forget coming home from the diner to find her husband waving the device. “This is what you’ve been reading? ‘You’re such a naughty girl. I’m going to have to spank you. Stick out that bottom,’” he’d said, quoting a few lines from one of her favorite books while her face flamed with embarrassment.

No, spanking romance wouldn’t win any prizes for great literature. But Mary Sue enjoyed reading about strong, macho heroes who took the sassy heroines in hand and toasted their curvy bottoms. Bottoms were always nicely rounded in the books—not flat like hers.

Yep, Billy had teased her about her spanking romances—right up until he started writing one.

Stolen Moments blurb

Is it crazy to be jealous of a fictional character?

While Mary Sue is proud of her construction-worker husband Billy’s new-found success as an author of spanking novels, she also finds herself resentful of Beverly Golightly, the fictional heroine who gets everything Mary Sue wants: her man’s undivided attention, lots of hot loving, and many delicious spankings.

But is Mary Sue’s jealousy any crazier than the plan she hatches to recapture her husband’s attention?

A2Z-logo2015This is day 19  of the 2nd Annual Spanking A to Z blog challenge. Throughout  June, spanking fiction authors will post a blog corresponding to a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with A and ending with Z. Many of the blogs, including mine, will focus on some aspect of spanking and/or the authors’ books, but you’ll also run across many random, but fun topics.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book, particularly the twist of having the husband as the spanking fiction writer.

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