Cover & blurb reveal! LONGING, a new #PNR #paranormal romance



He searched the continents for centuries for his mate… LONGING coming Tuesday, July 7.

Spurned by vampire society because of his mixed blood, Luc despairs of finding his one true mate. Then he meets her, and they share a single night of passion. Can he convince her to accept a Half Breed, or will that one night have to last him for an eternity?

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(Longing is  re-written re-release of A Scent of Longing).

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9 Responses to Cover & blurb reveal! LONGING, a new #PNR #paranormal romance

  1. Beautiful cover and love the blurb. He has awesome abs, doesn’t he? I love man chest covers! When will you release Longing?

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thank you. I just updated the post to include the date –July 7. When I scheduled this in advance, I wasn’t sure when it would be released. But it’s a firm date now.

  2. Jolanda L says:

    Sounds awesome!
    And drooling over the cover 😀

  3. OH! I can’t wait. I love vampires so much. 🙂 (And what a sexy cover!)

  4. Jule Kijek says:

    OMG, the cover is fantastic. I love Vampires. Can’t wait to see what you do with this genre. The cover alone will be worth the price of admission! Hope your 4th of July week end was enjoyable.

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