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The best part of the whole movie!

The best part of the whole movie! ( Photo by (c)Paramount/Everett / Rex Features)

My vote for most romantic movie moment ever is the end of An Officer and A Gentleman when Richard Gere marches into the factory where Debra Winger works, sweeps her up in his arms, and carries her out.



Save your flowers and love letters, to me the most romantic gesture is when a man carries a woman. Every time I watch a movie when the groom carries his bride over the threshold, I feel a little ping.

For one, it demonstrates male physical strength, which I find attractive and sexy.

Second, to hold a woman in his arms shows protectiveness, also very sexy to me.

Alas, neither my husband nor any of past boyfriends have been inclined to sweep me off my feet in this manner. “You’ve got feet. You can walk!” Although my husband has carried me piggyback across large puddles so I wouldn’t get my feet wet. He gets points for that.

In Irresistible Attractions, hero Jordan often carries heroine Hannah. When he’s feeling tender and romantic, he cradles her in his arms. When he’s in dominant mode, and she’s in for a spanking, he tosses her over his shoulder.

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CaraBristol_RandCSociety_IrresistibleAttractions_400x600An excerpt from Irresistible Attractions

“Jordan!” Hannah gasped, as he managed to open the door and shoulder his way outside. “What are you doing?” What if somebody spotted them? She was naked! She’d never be able to show her face around the mansion again.

“I thought we’d shower.”

“What if somebody sees us?”

“It’s almost midnight. There’s nobody here,” he said, but quickened his pace.

He carried her into a large, luxurious bathroom, set her on a fluffy rug then adjusted the jets of a massive walk-in shower. “I knew the bathrooms were used on occasion. Until now I never understood why,” she said. She’d had no idea how hot and sweaty one got during kinky playtime. It was a good thing she had been wiping down the spanking apparatuses if the equipment had been getting the kind of workout she and Jordan had given it.

He approached her, his expression as heated as the steam billowing from the shower. “Members don’t use the disciplinary chamber the way we did.”

“Oh. Does it violate rules?” Despite three orgasms—and she still couldn’t believe she’d come so many times—she tingled under the caress of his gaze.

He nodded. “I could be fined. If you were a member, you’d be sanctioned and spanked.”

“Oh.” She wet her lips. “Well, maybe I pre-paid.”

He laughed and then she was giggling, too.

She sobered when he unbuttoned and shrugged out of his shirt, removed his shoes and socks then unzipped and kicked off his pants. Shorts followed, and his cock sprang out of a dark bush of hair—hard again.

Without saying another word, he picked her up.

“I can walk.” She flexed her feet.

“I like holding you.”

He deposited her in the steamy chamber so that her body slid the length of his. She sucked in a breath as water from dual jets drilled hot beads on her tender skin. Jordan cleaned his hands then re-lathered with the woodsy-smelling gel, and, beginning with her neck, began to wash her. He glided over her shoulders, along her collarbone, slid down her arms to wash individual fingers, before reversing direction and massaging her breasts. Prone on the bench, the girls hadn’t received any attention, but he compensated for it now. Rapt concentration settled over his face as he cupped and kneaded, strumming each peaked nipple with his thumbs.

An ass man who also liked boobs.

He proved it by turning her into the spray, rinsing off her chest then ducking his head and capturing a nipple in his mouth. With lips, tongue, and teeth, he teased the tip to maximum tautness and then went to work on its twin. When both were hard, red, and tingling, he re-soaped and palmed the peaks, drawing circles.

Her eyelids fluttered shut in enjoyment. “My boobs must be dirty,” she joked.

“Mm,” he agreed. “Not as dirty as the rest of you, which I haven’t gotten to yet.”

Her tummy clenched, and she opened her eyes to find him grinning wickedly.

She planted her hands on his chest. “Don’t I get to wash you?”

“Maybe later.” He stroked over her abdomen, teasing the shell of her navel before straying lower. She was sore, having gotten more of a sexual workout than she ever had, but her pussy contracted with disappointment when he detoured around it. Water cascaded over his head as he knelt to wash thighs and calves. He lifted each foot and massaged her instep and arch. She murmured with pleasure. He could do that all day.

Too soon, he was done there, but she couldn’t complain because finally he focused his efforts on her girl parts. With fingers slickwith a fresh dab of shower gel, he stroked between her labia and over the hood of her clit. He grazed the organ itself, and she jerked and squeaked.

“Sensitive?” He sought her gaze.

She nodded. “A-a little.”

“You’re multi-orgasmic,” he stated like it was a commonly accepted fact, like Columbus discovering America in 1492.

Shyness crept over her, and she ducked her head. “I never have been before.”

He lifted her chin. “That’s because your previous lovers didn’t have a clue what they were doing.”

Serious heat suffused her face. She’d only slept with two guys, neither of whom had given her a single orgasm, while Jordan had made her come three times in one session. She was saved the embarrassment of replying when he turned her into the spray for a rinse.

She rested her forearms against the tile. After soaping her back, he traced the indentation of her spine to her ass. And over it.

“Your butt is bright red. Like a cherry.” He growled his satisfaction. “Part of it is from the hot water. The rest—”

“Is all you,” she finished.

“No, all you.” He squeezed and kneaded her cheeks with a tender roughness. He squirted another dollop of gel onto his fingers and massaged her bottom cheeks. She moaned with pleasure as he soothed the stinging moons—then squeaked with alarm when he slipped a soapy finger into the crease to wash her there. He rubbed up and down, sliding over the rosette.

“Jordan—I don’t know…” Squirming, she perched on tiptoe in a futile evasive maneuver. He trapped her between his body and the wall and breached the puckered ring again. Slickened by soap, his finger slid in without resistance. But still rigid and foreign. Disturbing. Stirring.

To have that done to her when she hovered on the brink of orgasm was one thing, but here, now?

“Jordan, please…” Her heart hammered.

“Shh, little one.” He extracted the finger halfway and plunged it back in. In and out. In and out. Slow, deliberate strokes, decimating her resistance.

“What are you doing to me?” she moaned.

“Pleasuring you.”

Irresistible Attractions blurb

CaraBristol_RandCSociety_IrresistibleAttractions_400x600College student Hannah Laurie works nights for a cleaning service. Among its clients is the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of domestic discipline practitioners. As she cleans the mansion headquarters, she becomes fascinated by the idea of being spanked. One evening, she surrenders to the impulse to try out the equipment in the secret disciplinary chamber.

Billionaire cybersecurity magnate Jordan Bevy, Rod and Cane’s disciplinary proctor, ensures the rules of the organization are followed to a T. Using the disciplinary chamber for personal pleasure is strictly forbidden. But when he catches the shy little cleaner girl trying out the equipment, what’s a fellow to do but bend the rules and give her a hand?

Everything seems like fun and games, until their relationship deepens and their respective worlds collide and clash. Can a lowly cleaner girl ever find acceptance in her boyfriend’s monied world?

Irresistible Attractinons on Amazon


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  1. S.J. Maylee says:

    Lol! You crack me up, Cara! Agreed that is a swoon worthy scene in An Officer and A Gentleman. And I remember this scene from Irresistible Attractions. So hot!

  2. Angela says:

    Yes, being carried is VERY romantic and hot. I just loved Irresistible Attractions — he is quite hot and she benefits from his maturity and love — and the sex is terrific.

    Alas, I outweigh my husband and I don’t want his back to get injured so we settle for cuddling on his lap. He is tall and narrow and I am short and curvy we make a good pair but no swooping up the stairs like Rhett and Scarlett!

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