#8Sunday: From Mated with the Cyborg…her worst moment


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Mariska has been escorted to her father’s office by her android “bodyguard.” The first line of dialogue is her father’s.

“Remove your scarf.”

No one had seen her face since she was a child teased to tears by her siblings. It had been a relief to be ordered to wear the veil to spare the sensibilities of others and escape their horrified looks. While bathing, she avoided the reflection glass and its taunting reminder of her ugliness. Stomach clenching into a hard knot, she released the opaque fabric from one side of her headdress.

Her father grimaced, and Janai, who’d never seen her naked face, gasped.

Mariska held her head high and stared straight ahead.

Want to know what she looks like? Tune in next weekend for another snippet!

Mated with the Cyborg blurb

Kai Andros’s orders were simple. Get in. Gather the intel on the terrorist organization. Get out. Then he met her. Mariska. Beautiful. Innocent. Ignorant of her father’s atrocities. And marked for death. His orders said nothing about saving her. But he did. He went off-mission.

Can a rogue cyborg outrun both Cyber Operations and the terrorists to save the woman he loves?

Mated with the Cyborg is an action-packed erotic sci-fi romance between a man with a mission and a woman with a secret that jeopardizes their lives and the fate of the galaxy.

Mated with the Cyborg will be released January 5, 2016.  You can get notified of its release by subscribing to my author newsletter.

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13 Responses to #8Sunday: From Mated with the Cyborg…her worst moment

  1. Nancy Gideon says:

    And then . . . Talk about suspense! Great job! Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh my. I will be eagerly waiting next week’s snippet. I need to find out what she looks like. Great snippet!

  3. Just wonderful! I bet she’s gorgeous by our standards but not in Cyborg territory.

  4. Now I will definitely be looking forward to next week’s snippet. Great work.

  5. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Wow! A little tease, are we today? Excellent set-up though. This sounds like another winner, just from this snippet. Looking forward to the release!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Excellent – as always Cara!
    Congratulations and good luck!

  7. A teaser and I’ve an idea of what she looks like, but won’t say here!

  8. I admire her composure. Can’t WAIT to read this…but somehow the holiday stuff keeps getting between me and the ARC. Great snippet!

  9. Now I’m really curious what’s ‘wrong’ with her. Is it a cultural thing, or an injury, or something she was born with? Nice way to leave us guessing. 🙂

  10. Nice build-up, and terrific use of details and suspense!

  11. You’ve got me wondering what’s the matter with her face.

  12. Powerful. I am dying to know what she just revealed.

  13. Intriguing snippet, Cara. I suspect that we would find a female Cyborg less than beautiful, as well. 🙂 I know I’ve said this before–your writing is so smooth, and so easy to read. 🙂

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