#FridayFaves: #Cats and….the Romance Beckons Indie Co-op

Nature Background Framed By Green LeavesFriday Faves is a weekly blog feature in which I present two of my favorite things. One is personal and the other is publishing industry related ). You can expect anecdotes, personal experiences, and lots of photos.



This week’s personal fave is….Cats

I like dogs, but I prefer cats. Lest you think I’m a crazy cat lady, know that I have never as a adult had more than two cats at a time, and usually just one. Also, most of my pets  found me (as strays that showed up on my doorstep). I did not go looking for a pet.

Here are a few of my favorite felines:

Mike (left) and Hannah. I love this picture. I call it “two peas in a pod.” Mike and Hannah are exceptions to my rule; I sought them out. I adopted them as kittens from a pet rescue shelter just before Thanksgiving 2003. Supposedly siblings, they were totally different, in personality as well as looks, which you can see. I hate to say it, but Mikey was my favorite (Please, don’t tell Hannah). I had to put Mikey to sleep 3 years ago because he got a tick disease and all his systems were failing. He was 10 years old. I still have Hannah.

two peas in a pod (2)

A photo taken on Saturday of “Hannah Banana”

hannah for FF

This is Sammy. His mama was a stray who showed up, gave birth to kittens, and then hauled ass as soon as she felt the the kids could fend for themselves. Sammy was a hell of hunter, unfortunately, he disappeared one day, and I think he became part of the food chain. After I missed Sammy so much, I acquired Mike and Hannah.

I inherited Pussilla from my grandmother. My grandmother named every cat she ever owned Pussilla.


Charnesky, one of my cats from childhood. I named him after Joseph “Charnetski” a character in the book, The Trumpter of Krakow, which my 5th grade teacher read to the class. (Didn’t realize until years later, I’d been misspelling the cat’s name. Lol).


I’ve had more than five cats than over the course of my life, but these were my favorites. My love of cats has crept into my books. I’d noticed that whenever I mentioned a pet in passing in a story it happened to be cat. It wasn’t intentional; it was unconscious. I hoped to get it out of my system by making a cat an actual character in a story. So in False Pretenses, Jinx the cat, brings hero Dan and heroine Emma together. So, good. Out of my system.

The next book I wrote was Body Politics. It didn’t occur to me until after it had been published that cats had crept into the book again. What does hero Mark call Stephanie? Kitten.

Maybe I am the crazy cat lady. Lol. I do have a cat board on Pinterest.

By the way, this is Jinx from False Pretenses. He doesn’t know he’s a secondary character. He thinks he’s the hero.

Jinx - the accidental matchmaker

Jinx – the accidental matchmaker

This weeks publishing fave is… Romance Beckons Indie Cooperative

banner Romance Beckons CoOp


Getting reviews is HARD! It’s time-intensive with only a small return. Net Galley, a review site, offers one-stop stopping for reviewers. More and more reviewers are turning to Net Galley as the place to get their ARCs. I’ve seen author reviews double and triple by having their books available on Net Galley. The problem? While the service is free to readers and reviewers, it’s expensive for individual authors. I’d looked into joining Net Galley, but its minimum participation level costs $225 per month.  Too expensive for my budget. Various blog tour companies offer Net Galley placement on a single title monthly basis, and they run about $60 per month.

The Romance Beckons Indie Cooperative allows authors to post their books on Net Galley at a greatly reduced rate. The cost to authors is $325 for the year (which works out to $27 per month!). For that price, you can place one title per month on Net Galley. The co-op is just starting a new year and has a few slots available. You must join and pay for the entire year. If you only want a month or two, you can work out an arrangement with a member author for him/her to sell you an unused slot.

If you want more reviews for your boosk, the author’s co-op is something worth considering. Get more info on the Romance Beckons Indie Co-op here.

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What is your favorite cat name? My neighbor had a cat called Kitty Kate.

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11 Responses to #FridayFaves: #Cats and….the Romance Beckons Indie Co-op

  1. I love your kitties. They are so beautiful.
    My daughter loves all animals, especially cats (and most especially- kittens).


  2. I’ve been looking for an all-romance NetGalley coop! Are you part of this one, Cara? How’s it administered? Who does the selection and approvals?

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Yes, I just joined in January, and there a couple of slots open, which is why I mentioned it today (I had another post planned). Paloma Beck administered the group. She has a “publisher’s account” with Net Galley. When you become a member, you get the password to the account and fill out the info about your book, then you send Paloma the book file and she uploads it. Then you visit Net Galley and approve or disapprove people who want to review your book. Paloma has a little training program and good written instructions.

  3. I’m not much of a cat person. I’ve never had a cat. I’ve had several dogs, a pot-belly pig, a pair of snakes, and a pair of ferrets. Turns out, my husband is allergic to everything with fur, and the pot-belly pig was a bit noisy, so we no longer have a pet lifestyle. I think I’d have ferrets again, if I could. Loved those little guys.

    I’m going to send you email with questions about the Co-op. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Quite a menagerie you’ve had.

      I had a lot of dogs growing up (cats, too). Or I should say, my mother had a lot dogs and they were all inside dogs. It was WAY too much. I still like dogs, but I don’t ever want to own one. I had all the dogs I ever wanted while growing up. We also had rabbits one time and duck. And desert tortoises. None of the latter were inside pets. Lol.

  4. Lovely cats!
    We have two.
    One of our neighbors had a dog called Kitty.

  5. Lee Koven says:

    Your cats are gorgeous! I want cats but am allergic and haven’t lived in one location long enough to get all five years of allergy shots. As cat names go, I found “Nietzsche” amusing.

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