#FridayFaves: Sedona, AZ & how not to make the NY Times bestseller list

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Friday Faves is an (almost) weekly post in which I present two of my favorite things. One is personal, the other is publishing industry-related.

This week’s personal Friday Fave is:…Sedona, Arizona.

One of my favorite vacation spots in the United States is Sedona, Ariz., red-rock desert about two hours from Phoenix. I wouldn’t want to live there; the tourist traffic is too bad, but I’ve contributed to the  tourist traffic. I’ve been to Sedona four or five times, the last time in 2010, so it’s time for another trip. In particular I love hiking the trails among the red rocks, the stark color contrast of blue sky against red rock, and the spicy desert smell. Plus, there’s some great restaurants, too.

Getting ready to hike to the top of Cathedral Rock

cara at cathedral rock sized

Made it to the top of the  rock!

made it to the top sized

I love the trails, the view, the smell of Sedona.

Photo by Catherine Gabriel

It’s not ALL desert.

water in sedona sized

This week’s publishing fave is:  How not to make the New York Times Bestseller List – a blog by Autumn Kalquist

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Autumn Kalquist’s  YA Sci-fi series, Fractured Era made the USA Today bestseller list, but even though she met the threshold in sales, she did not make the New York Times, list. She wrote a lengthy blog about it, which has been heating up discussion boards. Here’s what to know: the NY Times bestseller list is curated. That basically means books must be approved to get on the list, it’s not just how many books you sell. The New York Times’ motto, “all the news that’s fit to print,” applies to its bestseller list. The list includes those the books they deem fit to be on it. Autumn’s experience is interesting. If you want to know how to get on a bestseller list or how not to, her blog is worth reading.

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4 Responses to #FridayFaves: Sedona, AZ & how not to make the NY Times bestseller list

  1. I’m really enjoying your Friday posts, Cara. Sedona isn’t a place I’ve been, but you make it look really majestic in your pictures. My husband is particularly fond of the Mojave desert. To him it feels like “coming home.” I feel that way about the Pacific ocean. To me, the smell of the sea water there is like relaxing in a familiar, comfortable place. But those are both places where we’ve lived. Las Vegas is on our horizon for a possible place to retire, because we don’t care about the tourist traffic but really like the urban setting so close to the desert. Retirement is about 15 years away so we have time to make our decision.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I used to live in the Mojave desert of Southern California, but Sedona is much prettier. Sedona close to Flagstaff, which is decent-sized, but it’s 2 hours from the big city (Phoenix). Traffic slows to a crawl during tourist season. But, OMG, the views. You should take a side trip from Vegas to Sedona sometime.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Cara. I love Sedona too and need to get back there. I had seen that story on the NYT best seller list. I have learned a lot this week about how it works (and doesn’t) I will say this for that author, I’d never heard of her before but she’s getting a lot of attention now. I appreciate her sharing her experience.

    Hope you make it back to Sedona soon 🙂

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I love hearing that other people like Sedona, too. It’s magical. (Must be the Vortex, lol).

      Regarding Autumn Kalquist. I had heard of her. I’d listed the Fractured Era series as one of my favorite books of 2015. I just happened to be trolling the USA Today Bestseller list and noticed she was on it. Then, I ran across her blog.

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