New blog series: #FridayFaves…featuring my favorite things

Scenic nature background of fresh lush green leaves with dewdrops framing the out of focus vegetation with bekeh highlights and the sun vibrant colorsToday begins a new blog series. Friday Faves will have two parts. Part one will be personal like a favorite possession, a fond memory, or a place I love. Part two will be publishing related (but not about me), like a useful blog or website, another author’s book, a review site I like, or a service for authors. The plan is to do Friday Faves weekly, although I may miss some weeks. To kick it off…

My personal Friday Fave is…Leaves!

What can I say except I like leaves. Yeah, the kind that grow on trees. I’m drawn to them in nature, in decorating, and even in accessories I wear. The last three houses we owned all had “tree house” views, and I’ve painted the master bedroom of the last three houses green, even though it’s not my favorite color.

Some of my favorite earrings:


Try as I might, I could not keep myself out of the reflection in photographing this picture. It is way prettier than it looks here. These are real leaves that have been preserved. I fell in love with this when I saw it an art gallery on a girl’s trip to Sedona, AZ with my best friend. I didn’t buy it, went home, and regretted it. My friend remembered they were called “skeletonized” leaves so I was able to track it down and buy it. My friend died of cancer a few years ago, but I feel like I have this picture to remember her by. It sits over my desk where I write.

leaf picture

I needed a quick table centerpiece one time, so I ran outside and cut some branches.

table setting with leaves for bkog

This is another favorite item of mine. I love this tray. It’s on my coffee table.



Publishing fave: Bound, Spanked & Loved, Fourteen Kinky Valentine’s Day stories.

Final 2D_BoundSpankedLoved_mediumDisclaimer: I said I would not promote my books in my publishing fave section, so I need to disclose that I do have a story in this book. HOWEVER, forget that. Because there are 13 other stories that I didn’t write in Bound, Spanked, & Loved,  and that’s what I want to talk about.

They are freaking awesome. In all honesty, I expected cheap smut. Short, titillating stories with little plot or characterization. Not so.  My co-authors are amazing and their stories are wonderful. The plots are excellent, the characters are well developed and believable, the scenarios are realistic. Bound, Spanked, & Loved is damn good read. Treat yourself to a Valentine’s Day present for only 99 cents.

Barnes & Noble | Amazon | iTunes| Kobo

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8 Responses to New blog series: #FridayFaves…featuring my favorite things

  1. Lisa Medey says:

    Great post! You always leave me wanting more. (See what I did there?) Hehehe.

  2. I learned something new about you! (which I assume is what you wanted) I don’t think I’m as excited about leaves as you, but we live in the woods and are surrounded by nature. I absolutely love watching the trees and leaves move from season to season. I totally get it!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I thought it might be a more personal way for people to get to know me better, and I’m always running across publishing things that I want to share, so it made sense to combine them.

  3. Great idea. Love the leaf earrings. I also love watching the leaves turn in fall. Such a colorful time of year, though I look forward to spring’s flowers more, I think. Guess, I’m bit of a flower girl. I’ve already pre-ordered Bound, Spanked & Loved, now I’m waiting for the 9th.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I love fall. I wish the turning leaves lasted longer. I like flowers too. I’ll probably feature them in one of my Friday Fave post.

      Thanks for ordering Bound, Spanked, and Loved. I think you’ll love it!

  4. Love your post. I share your love for leaves and fall. Recently during a trip to Banff, I picked up some filigreed maple leaf earrings. These are copper-plated, with a real maple leaf beneath the plate. I’ll probably be going back to Banff this summer, I can get you a pair. 🙂

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