#FridayFaves: Poppies and a survey of erotic fiction authors #NoPromoZone

Nature Background Framed By Green LeavesFriday Faves is a weekly blog feature in which I highlight two of my favorite things. One is personal, just for fun; the other is publishing industry related, but not promotional. You can expect lots of photos and personal anecdotes. Prepare to enter the promo free zone…


This week’s personal fave is…Poppies!

I grew up in the high desert of southern California (Antelope Valley). The desert is brown, dusty. and dead most of the year, but in April the hills would blaze with poppies, and busloads of tourists swoop in to take pictures. Around town, poppies would spring up here and there, but outside of town the hills looked as if they were on fire. Poppies are beautiful when in bloom, but since they’re wildflowers, when they’re not blooming, they look like weeds.

poppies (2)

cara in poppies (2)

I no longer live where there are poppies, but I do have several pieces of art to remember them by. This is an original watercolor I bought at an art fair years ago.

poppy pix cropped

My photos aren’t so great. Check out the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve on Facebook.

There’s even a poppy festival, which is where I think I bought the watercolor.

And this week’s publishing fave is…an erotic fiction authors’ survey

Emmanuelle DeMaupassant is surveying erotic fiction authors about the genre, why they write it, where they get inspiration, their publishing history, etc. She is looking for authors to take the survey. You can participate anonymously or use your name. You can receive a name mention and a link when she reports the results. If you are interested, email Emmanuelle at emmanuelledemaupassant@gmail.com and put SURVEY REQUEST in the subject line. Note: Emmanuelle needs the surveys completed by March 15, so if you’re interested in participating, act fast.

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8 Responses to #FridayFaves: Poppies and a survey of erotic fiction authors #NoPromoZone

  1. This is a good way to share your life with readers. I too, love poppies.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thanks, Tierney. I wanted to offer something that was non promotional and positive. Something for readers and authors.

  2. Suzy Frenchman says:

    I’ve been to the California poppie preserve many times for my birthday in April. I never get tired of looking at them. They’re beauty astounds me every time. This year I want to buy seeds and plant them on my hill so I can recreate it at my house.

  3. I grew up in California, too, so I can relate to your love of poppies. I miss them. I also miss the Pacific Ocean and Islands cheese fries. I don’t see myself moving back, though!

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