#FridayFaves: Pretty sunsets and Amazon Author Central

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Today’s personal fave is…Sunsets!

Okay, who doesn’t like a beautiful sunset? Our current house doesn’t face the right way, so we miss most of them, but our previous two houses faced west. We had a full on view of the colorful western sky (paid for by the burning glare of the sun in the summertime). I don’t often have a camera ready when I see a spectacular sunset, but I have been able to catch a few shots.

An Idaho sunset

idaho sunset

The dining room view from our previous house in Washington state.

Wash house sunset

From somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. We were on our boat.

pink water sunset

A Missouri sunset – Ha! I caught one.

Mo sunset

Today’s publishing fave is…Amazon Author Central

Authors love to bash the 800-pound gorilla that is Amazon.com, and I have had my frustrations with them too, but when I’ve had a problem, my go-to source is Author Central. They are friendly, fast, and responsive. If you live in the U.S. you can call them and speak to a real person.  If you live outside of the US, you’ll have to email, but the turnaround is fairly fast. Where Kindle Direct Publishing is slow to respond, and KDP’s answer  is often to cite policy, Author Central’s service is personal and helpful. It’s almost like Author Central is the “good cop” to KDP’s “bad cop.”

While many issues must be “fixed” by KDP, Author Central can help facilitate the process.  When Breeder got adult-tagged and thrown  into the Amazon dungeon, Author Central helped me get it out. When unbeknownst to me KDP dropped the price of Stranded with the Cyborg from $4.99 to 99 cents, Author Central helped me fix it.

If you deal with KDP directly, your only recourse is email, which can be slow and the answer unhelpful But, if you call Author Central, explain your problem, they’ll transfer your call to KDP, where you can speak to a real person. No more sitting by the computer waiting for that policy statement email.

Keep in mind, Amazon is in Seattle, Wash. Author Central office hours begin at 8 a.m. PT. KDP comes in at 9 a.m.

To contact Author Central, logon to your Author Central page. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and in little tiny print you’ll see “contact us.” Click on it. You’re given the option of email or phone. They don’t give you their phone number; instead, you put yours in, and they call you immediately.

contact author central

Logon to your Author Central page and scroll all the way to bottom. Look for the tiny print that says “Contact us.” Click on it.

author central 2

Choose your issue from the pull down menu that pops up, then click the phone option.



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8 Responses to #FridayFaves: Pretty sunsets and Amazon Author Central

  1. Love love love the sunsets! I don’t know which is more gorgeous actually.

    Sadly, I am not in the US and can’t use AC but I know you’ve had success with them. Thanks for sharing the information!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I thought of you when I wrote this post & wished you could have taken advantage of Author Central’s services.

  2. Love the sunset photos. There is something about a sunset that is pleasing, I’m not sure if it’s just “I made it through another day” or just those few moments to pause and appreciate the beauty of it.

    Interesting info about Author Central. I’ve never had to contact them, but if I do, I’ll know where to start. Thanks.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Sunsets fade change and fade pretty quick. By the time you can find your camera, often the best photo op has evaporated. My phone does not take as good pictures in low light as my camera.

  3. Liza O'Connor says:

    I agree that Author central contact is always helpful. I prefer email. Right now I have a rogue book on my site (showed up yesterday) that some poor Dutch author probably wants back. Not sure how it arrived at my site, other than both our names are Liza. But I’m sure she’ll like to get it back as much as I want it to go away.

  4. Good to know about Author Central. I’ve never had to contact them, but it’s nice to learn I have a “go to” place if I run into problems on Amazon.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Yep. I’m assuming that everyone knows that Author Central is also the place where you update your Author page on Amazon.

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