The big reveal: my redesigned website!

Ta da!

My website has been given a makeover. It has a new banner and a new tagline: Romance that’s nice…and naughty. Sweet ‘n Spicy, who has designed many of my book covers, created the new look.

The resdesign represents a new direction and a rebranding for me. I’ve been known for my spanking romances, notably the Rod and Cane Society series, but I plan to expand my readership base by appealing to a wider audience. The tagline, “romance that’s nice…and naughty” reflects my goal and desire to put the romance back into erotic romance. I want to write (and read) about alpha heroes who are passionately in love about the heroine. They are flawed and imperfect, but they care for and respect her.

So how does nice and naughty apply?

Nice has a dual meaning. In many of my romances, there’s an underlying sweetness in tone in how the hero cares for the heroine. Nice is a reflection of that. But also, whenever you say “nice and something,” it gives extra oomph to the something. Nice and hot. Nice and expensive. Nice and naughty.

My romances will continue to be erotic, only with greater emphasis on the story and the character development.  Spanking won’t disappear from my repertoire, but I will write more non-spanking romances like the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series.

Gone is the masturbating lady in pink who I always felt was more appropriate for erotica than erotic romance. I’d never cared much for the tagline “erotic stories to light your fire.” It was something I came up with on the fly when I had the chance to get my website done for free.

I’ve also updated my blogroll, deleting inactive links , adding new ones, and reorganizing it a tad to reflect the rebranding. If you’re interested in a reciprocal blog link, I’d be happy to add you to my blogroll.

If you’d like to subscribe to my blog posts, there’s a sign-up box at the top of the sidebar.

I do a weekly Friday Faves, a no-promo zone in which I highlight my favorites things. One is personal, one is publishing industry related (but not personal). I also blog about romance genre topics, host other authors and do interviews, and of course, share the latest info about my books.

What is your tagline? How is it a reflection of your books?

And now…a word from our sponsor 

Captured_600x900Sometimes the biggest risk is to one’s heart….

An ex-Cyber Operations field agent, Dale Homme has kissed danger and betrayal more times than he cares to count. Now he runs a clandestine factory beneath the surface of the moon Deceptio, where confidentiality and security matter more than anything. When a beautiful young woman arrives seeking a job, Dale knows within minutes she’s lying. Everything about her is false: her past, the people she claims to know, her reason for being on Deceptio. Illumina Smith? Even her name is an alias.

Logic says send her packing. His gut says she’s in trouble. She needs him. So he’ll do anything to keep her safe….even if it means keeping her captive.

Captured by the Cyborg is third in the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series but is written to be read as a stand-alone novella.

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43 Responses to The big reveal: my redesigned website!

  1. Looks beautiful! Congratulations! 🙂

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thanks, Jessica! I also went through and updated my blogroll. I deleted old and stale links, added one for helping publishing sites and a category just for SFR authors.

      Note to SFR authors: if you’d like a reciprocal link, let me know.

  2. S.J. Maylee says:

    It’s beautiful, Cara! 😀 I LOVE the red. It’s all crisp and shiny. Well done!

  3. Lisa Wells says:

    I love the new look.

  4. Lisa Medley says:

    Looks great! Love the red, hot banner! I can’t wait to read the next Cy-Ops story 🙂

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thank you, Lisa. I plan to start writing Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 4 this week. I was going to write about Carter, but my muse is more interested in Sonny and his female cyborg partner. I’m thinking a June release day. Just in time for summer.

  5. Livia Grant says:

    Great makeover, Cara! Love it!

  6. Nice new look! It is always good, I think, to shake things up from time to time and refresh things so that readers are kept interested.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thank you. I’d had the woman in pink since 2011 (?). I’d been wanting to change my header for at least a year now, but I needed a new tagline, and I wanted to it to be something that resonated with me, not something I chose on the fly.

  7. Allison West says:

    The new design looks fantastic!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thanks! I’ll be changing my FB header too, but I wanted to do the big reveal on my website first. Twitter has already been changed.

  8. Really like the new design. Well done. My tagline is Where Romance and Fantasy Entwine. I write paranormal romance in addition to spanking romance, but all of them contain a certain amount of romantic fantasy, even if they don’t contain any fantastical elements.

  9. Well done. The new outfit suits you, and the tagline is better than the old one. It takes an inordinate amount of time to get these small details right.

    Thanks for the links in your blogroll. My author site’s tagline is, “Are you ready to fall in love?” which I think puts the emphasis on the romance rather than the erotic heat.

    Book Market Maven’s tagline is, “Markets, methods, and motivation.”

  10. Renee Rose says:

    I love it!! I really need a re-design too. sigh. Not quite ready to take on that project.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I know, with all the book stuff, time is hard to find. I do recommend Sweet n Spicy if you decide to do a redo.

      I’d considered redoing my entire website, changing the front page to a static page and having my blog on a pull down menu, then I decided, why mess with success? So instead of a tear-down, I just did a little redecorating. I’ll still be tweaking the content and making some minor changes.

  11. Sue says:

    Very nice! Love the wallpaper color, too. Do we need to re-subscribe? This last post landed in my spam box. Thanks!

  12. Patty Devlin says:

    Love it! Fantastic job. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  13. Jule Kijek says:

    Lookin’ GOOD. Love the new look and tag line. Your web designer did an outstanding job on your new site. Job well done!

  14. Laurel Lasky says:

    Nice new fresh look. I’m happy you are still doing spanking and your wonderful new Sci–fi. Congratulations!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Yep, I’m still writing spanking romances. In fact my next release will be a New Adult spanking romance. Educating His Bride, previously published in Correcting the Coeds.

  15. Laurel Lasky says:

    Lovely new page!

  16. You now have a very passionate-looking page. Congrats.

  17. RW Moran says:

    Love your new site. Fresh and exciting. Romance is much more subtle than erotica and more rewarding by far. Good luck with it.

  18. Angela says:

    Great new look and direction, Cara! I am currently on a re-branding training so understand your thought behind this. Congratulations!

  19. Looks great!

    P.S. Thanks for keeping my blog on your blogroll, despite the fact that I’m probably on the edge of inactive. Sigh. 🙂

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