#Friday Faves: My patio and Amazon algorithms

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My personal fave is… my patio!

My husband and I have lived in some beautiful locales including wooded acreage in Idaho, across the street from the beach in Washington state, and now, backing up against a creek in Missouri. But previous homes have been positioned the wrong way for us to really enjoy the views. Our porch/decks faced west, which meant that in the early evenings when we wanted to sit on the deck,we were blasted by the retina-burning setting sun. The house we’re living in now has a southeast exposure allowing us to enjoy the patio year round and relax on our teak garden furniture. During the hottest part of summer, our patio is shaded! Which is great, but it does mean that I can’t enjoy the feeling of walking through my very own bespoke patio doors, put in by double glazing specialists, into the searing heat on a beautiful Summer’s day. However, you might want that feeling yourself, if your home has the setup for it. Even better, installing bifold patio doors is something that you can do on your own, as long as you have the right tools for the job. Thankfully, Debar offers an amazing option when it comes to bifold doors, so you might want to give them a look if you’re interested in the idea of installing your own patio doors.

We have the best patio we’ve ever had of any of the houses we’ve owned and we treated ourselves to some comfortable outdoor furniture, perfect for lounging with a book and a glass of wine.

Last weekend we brought out the patio furniture in preparation for warm weather:

patio furn

Fall through mid-spring, before the trees fill in, we have a view of the field across the creek:

patio view

Once the trees fill in, we see a wall of green (this photo was taken couple of years ago):

This week’s publishing fave is…an ALLi blog post on Amazon Algorithms

If you’ve ever wondered how the Amazon algorithms work, how sales and sales history affect rankings, or why you can have big surge in sales but then see sharp drop in rankings? What effect does Kindle Unlimited have on sales and rankings? What IS the relationship between sales and rankings? All that is answered in blog post by the “Author’s Advice Centre” operated by The Alliance of Independent Authors. I want to credit and thank erotica author Christina Mandara who posted a summary of ALLi’s post on her blog (and thus alerted me to it). When you read theALLi blog post, be sure to check out the comments. Good discussion there.

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8 Responses to #Friday Faves: My patio and Amazon algorithms

  1. Thanks for the lead on the blog post. Looking forward to reading it.

    Love the green patio furniture. I bet that after several houses you’ve learned what to look for to get the most enjoyment out of every area.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      We’re getting more knowledgeable with every house we build. This is the third house we’ve built since we’ve been married. Housewise, we know what we like, but we just lucked into picking a lot with the right exposure. We’d always heard that a “southern exposure” was best, but we really had no idea what direction the house face until we moved it.

  2. Love the view! I am lucky enough to have a wooded view from my back deck as well. We are lucky! Thanks for the link to the blog post. Heading there next.

  3. Great post, Cara. Thanks for pointing out the article. It was interesting, but I’ve drawn three conclusions from my own experience. (1) Overall sales rank is valuable. (2) Sub-category sales rank means very little. (3) Neither ensures predictable sales. I think the algorithm is far more complex than the article posits, and we just won’t know. There was one commenter (Cate) who seemed to have a better handle on the complexity of the system. I’m hoping I can read her article in the future, though I couldn’t find a way to subscribe to her site without registering for a “free” account.

    Love your patio. We’re in the market for a condo now, and though we’ll almost certainly have lovely views of one of the rivers and/or the downtown skyscrapers, we won’t be having that woodsy view. We had that in Texas, but decided a few years later that we liked an urban landscape better.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Watch where the afternoon sun falls when you’re condo shopping. That afternoon western sun is a real killer.

  4. Laurel Lasky says:

    That’s a lovely patio. Thanks for sharing such interesting posts.

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