What happens in Vegas…The Seduction of Kinley Foster by Lisa Wells


Today’s guest is Lisa Wells, an author friend whom I know in real life. She’s written a contemporary romance, The Seduction of Kinley Foster, one of the What Happens in Vegas series. It came out on Monday, and I started reading it the other night. Charming, fun book (with spanking!).

The Seduction of Kinley Foster blurb

Librarian Kinley Foster wants to write erotic romance—the steamy, sexy, curl-your-toes kind of stuff. The problem? She desperately needs a little erotic inspiration. And at a romance convention in Vegas, she finds it…or rather him. The sizzlingly sexy guy who refused Kinley—and her virginity—when she was sixteen.

Now it’s time for a little payback.

Literary agent Ian Thompson is a professional. Mentoring an aspiring author is one thing. Giving her a thorough and thoroughly satisfying sexy education is quite another. Especially when she’s as stunning and deliciously curvaceous as Kinley. Yet Ian can’t help himself when Kinley makes him a wager he can’t resist. A wager that will tempt Ian to cross every professional—and every sensual—boundary in the book…

An excerpt from the Seduction of Kinley Foster

Kinley’s phone vibrated. She pushed her glasses up her nose and read the incoming text message.

Did you use subtext on me this morning? – Ian

Kinley’s heart stopped. Her girly parts clenched. She frowned. Was he in the same session? Why was he texting her? He was supposed to be avoiding her so she didn’t have to avoid him.

She fanned herself with her hand. Damn. He was older than her. He should know the rule of one-night stands: no further contact. Nada. Zilch. The big fat Uno. It happened. It’s over.

What game was he playing? She sat up straight. She refused to turn her head and find him in the crowd. She would ignore him.

She typed what the speaker was saying. Mid-paragraph, her fingers stalled on the keys.

If she didn’t respond, would he think it was because she cared? Knowing him, he probably would. No way in hell was she going to let him think she cared. She grabbed her phone.

Using her index finger, she punched out her response. None of it was subtext. All truth. -Kinley

She wished she could see his face when he read her reply. Was he really so self-absorbed as to think she lied? That she was into him and just didn’t want him to know? What an egomaniac.

Maybe I spoke in subtext.

Her brows furrowed. She chewed the inside of her lip. What did that mean? Was that comment subtext for something else? Damn him. Damn her for being curious. Damn. Damn. Damn.

What did you not say?

Why wasn’t he out schmoozing with other important people instead of attending a session on the craft of writing? He didn’t need to be here.

The speaker segued from subtext to yes/no alternatives. “Never answer a yes/no question with a yes/no answer. Always have them respond in a way that is more interesting. Have your characters respond in a way that makes the reader an active participant in deciphering what the characters are saying.”

I enjoyed spanking you. -Ian

Of course he enjoyed spanking her. He enjoyed embarrassing her. He’d always enjoyed embarrassing her.

Because you’re an ASS.

She wanted to stand up and shout the words at him, but she settled with texting them in caps. God, this man brought out the worst in her. Five seconds in his presence and she’d reverted back to middle school.

He didn’t respond right back. Was he having second thoughts on what he was going to say? Or was he done with their war of words?

Or because you have a fabulous ass, and when it’s rosy from my hand it’s every man’s fantasy.

Get the book:

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6 Responses to What happens in Vegas…The Seduction of Kinley Foster by Lisa Wells

  1. Lisa Wells says:

    Hi Cara,

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. This book was a blast to write.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Glad to have you! It’s a fun story. I haven’t gotten to the spanking part yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

  2. I love the title and the cover of this book. Getting ready to download it now and read in while working out on my treadmill. Congrats, Lisa. Will leave a review when I’m done. Sounds fun.

  3. Lisa Medley says:

    It’s on my Kindle right now! Sounds like such a fun book!

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