One author’s calendar…(desperately) trying to keep track


As an author, I work from home and don’t have many meetings to keep track of, but I do have a lot of assignments and virtual events to schedule. Most of them have at least two dates associated with them such as the deadline and the release.

Call me old school, but I use a paper monthly planner. I need to see a month in advance so I know what’s coming up.  It would do me no good to find out about a deadline the day of the deadline! I also need a large space write because some days, I have a lot of stuff to keep track off. I want to be able to glance at my calendar and see exactly what I have coming up.

When I worked in corporate sector, I used the Franklin Covey time management system, and it worked well. It doesn’t work for me now because  as I said, I need a month-at-a-glance, and the Franklin calendar doesn’t have enough room to write on.

These are the things I keep track of:

  • New book publishing dates, i.e. the release date
  • The day I start a writing a new book and the day I finish the first draft
  • Editing deadlines
  • Virtual book tour dates and the individual blogs I appear on
  • Deadlines when materials are due to the tour organizer
  • Topics I’ve scheduled on my own blog
  • Guest author appearances on my blog
  • Special promotion dates and locations (freebies, contests, etc)
  • Publishing milestones
  • Vacations, medical appointments, and the outside meetings/events I do have
  • My mother’s doctor appointments (because sometimes I have to drive her)
  • When the cat’s flea treatment is due — Lol, I’m always in my office and I don’t want to miss this!

What do you use to keep  track of your writing stuff?

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7 Responses to One author’s calendar…(desperately) trying to keep track

  1. Deanna Lang says:

    I do everything electronically. Even back in the old days of Franklin Covey popularity, I switched to Outlook and Outlook Calendar as soon as it was installed at the bank I was working at. The transition was tough to begin with but I’ve become almost completely electronic now. I can get month at a glance, week (which I usually work by) and yearly, if necessary. I use Google Calendar now because it’s online and I can use it on all my devices. Works great for me. I don’t think I’d know how to use a paper calendar. It won’t fit into my purse either.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I wish I could be electronic. I sense that’s the answer. But when traveling, I feel like my phone’s screen just wouldn’t be big enough (and I have a large cell phone. It’s practically as big as a brick). I think I need a whole wall — like a situation room. Lol.

  2. I am old school too. I have a paper calendar and use that to keep track of my author stuff and family stuff. I can’t do electronic, it’s just not big enough! I also still carry notebooks around (like real paper ones) for notes and ideas that pop up. My purse gets heavy…

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Yes! Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I also have notebooks. Several by my desk and one in purse.

  3. S.J. Maylee says:

    I remember my paper calendar days. <3 I loved that thing. We were connected at the hip, until the day it was stolen. Ugh! I was lost for a week. Ever since I've been an Outlook and Excel girl. All my word counts and goals are tracked in excel, including blogs hosting my books, sales, and royalties. I have a thing for summary tables and graphs. Excel makes them easy.

    For work items and activities on my blog, I keep track of that in Outlook. I use reminders to give me the heads up on deadlines.

    Hubs and I share a google calendar so I can see where and when his gigs are, but we also have a dry erase calendar in the kitchen to keep track of doctor appointments, kids activities, etc.

    Gosh, it takes a lot to keep us organized. 🙂

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Wow. You’re using multiple systems. The nice thing about Franklin was it only one system. I know you’re probably super organized with your project management background!

  4. Diane Burton says:

    I use both a paper & digital calendar. Hubs needs to see the paper one. For my writing, I use a digital one. I guess flexibility is the key. Whatever works. 🙂

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