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Hey, Weekend Warriors, I decided to do a switcheroo and excerpt from my upcoming new release, Destiny’s Chance. This is an erotic paranormal, not paranormal like shifters and vamps, but paranormal like ESP, reincarnation, and other supernatural phenomenon.

Destiny’s Chance is difficult to excerpt from without revealing a spoiler, because there are all sorts of little surprises throughout the story. I think readers will appreciate the story more if they discover what has happened — rather than if they’re told up front. That said, I know that as soon as the first reviews hit, the story will be “spoiled.” (For some reason, reviewers seem to love giving spoilers on my stories!).

So, rather than start at the beginning, I will  pick random passages I happen to like. This is one of my favorites:

Drawn blinds covered the bedroom windows, but moonlight spilled in through the rounder above to spotlight the bed and cast the room in twilight rather than darkness. Her back to him, she formed a slight speed bump on his side. He stripped to his boxers and slid between the sheets.

Tree branches rustled against the house like whispering ghosts. Shape-shifting shadows skittered across the ceiling, assumed form as fire-breathing dragons while the woman beside him wafted an incongruous gentle melody of warmth and scent. She surprised him at every turn, yet there was the oddest familiarity about the change in her.

“Are you awake?” he whispered.


He jumped at the soft sound of her voice. On the ceiling, dragons leaped to full alert.

Destiny’s Chance Blurb

Fate gave her a chance for love.  Is she brave enough to accept it?

Destiny Grable has loved Chance Everett for as long as she could remember, but he was never interested in her until a tragic act of fate grants her heart’s desire. Now Chance is all hers—body, mind, and soul. But once they’re together, she discovers he has a kinky side she never knew about. Is she ready for it? Can she handle it? And Chance isn’t the only one with a secret. If he discovers what she’s hiding, will he still want her?

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16 Responses to Let’s begin with shadow #dragons…from Destiny’s Chance #PNR, #8Sunday

  1. Sorry, but I couldn’t help but notice this juxtaposition. In your intro, you say “not paranormal like shifters and vamps.” But then what’s in your snippet? A shape-shifter! “Shape-shifting shadows skittered across the ceiling…” 😉

  2. Kim M says:

    Loved the imagery, Cara.
    Looking forward to more.

  3. Exciting, as always and Ed is so right. He has an eye like an eagle!

  4. Wow, that is wonderfully written! Great excerpt!

  5. I like the fire dragon shadows.

  6. Love the imagery here. I did have to read the “shape-shifting” bit twice to get it, but loved the effect!

  7. Beautiful description, really sets the tone!

  8. Enjoyed the excerpt, can’t wait to read it!

  9. Amy Braun says:

    Whew, so glad I’m not the only one with that problem. The choosing of snippets to avoid spoilers, I mean. 😉 I’ve been reading a lot of romance lately, so this is definitely a welcome snippet! Very tender. And the blurb sounds really hot! Nice work!

  10. Tree branches rustled against the house like whispering ghosts. Love the imagery. I can almost hear the rustles of the leaves. I can see why you are a best selling author. Great writing.

  11. How pretty! What an evocative snippet, full of rich imagery. Love it!

  12. Botanist says:

    Highly evocative descriptions here. Not sure from this short excerpt if the dragon shadows are literal or metaphorical though. I pictured something like guardian spirits here.

  13. Such lovely descriptions!
    I would be tempted to answer ‘no’ if someone asked if I was awake, just to see what they’d say. 🙂

  14. Lovely writing, Cara. Poetic. I see why you like this passage. 🙂

  15. Loved the descriptive imagery!

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