My own personal groundhog day…

I was sitting at my office desk yesterday morning when my cat was rooting around by my feet. She’s never done that before–I thought it was odd, but I wasn’t really paying attention. Finally, I peeked under my desk.

A groundhog shot out!

It ran out of my office, down the hall, into the living room, into the dining room, then around the corner and into the master bedroom. Of course, it scurried under the bed. I closed all the interior bedroom doors and opened the one to the patio. I shooed it out with a broom. Later I found a pile of groundhog poop in the bedroom.

I’m guessing we had left the big garage door open and it entered the house through the pet door.

We live in a housing development, but it’s located in a rural area. Our property backs up to a creek. On our street, we’ve seen a mountain lion, deer, groundhogs, skunks, rabbits, and squirrels by the multitude. There are also armadillos, coyotes and and snakes. We have had groundhogs, squirrels, and a skunk on our back patio, but this is the first time anything has gotten into the house.

I thought about taking a picture of it, but figured it was more important to get it out of the house than get a photo.

If you want to see what he looked like, I have picture on Instagram of one that was in our backyard. This isn’t isn’t him, ’cause the one in the house didn’t have a patch of fur missing.

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2 Responses to My own personal groundhog day…

  1. Yikes! Though your cat was definitely trying to tell you something wasn’t right. I’m surprised kitty didn’t hiss or meow at the other furry creature.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      No, I thought it was the cat — but she was nowhere to be found. Maybe she was hiding from the groundhog.

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