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Callie’s Daddy blurb

Twenty-six-year-old Callie Shaw has needed a father figure in her life for many years, and when she meets Brandon Clay she wonders if she might have found the man to fill that role at last. Though he spoils her and loves her dearly, Brandon is not a man to be trifled with, and when Callie lies to him and puts herself in danger she soon finds herself bent over her new daddy’s lap for a stinging spanking on her bare bottom.

Though he does not hesitate to chastise her firmly when she misbehaves, Brandon never fails to hold Callie in his arms when her punishment is over, and his strict but loving discipline ignites a fire in her which can only be quenched by surrendering her body to his masterful lovemaking. But is she truly prepared to trust her daddy to do what is best for her, even when she has been really naughty and she knows that the spanking she has coming is one she will never forget?

Publisher’s Note: Callie’s Daddy is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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An excerpt from Callie’s Daddy

Brandon lowered his head so she couldn’t see his mouth twitching in amusement. His soon-to-be wife was strong-willed, but when it came down to it, she was still his princess, craving authority. “I’m not happy with you right now, but let’s not discuss it here. It’s time you learned how things are going to work in this relationship.”

“I know how things are going to work,” she countered hotly. “What the hell have we been doing these past couple of months?”

Brandon took a deep breath. As angry as he was, he didn’t trust himself to speak. Instead, he marched her to her car and stood silently by until she was safely seated inside her yellow Volkswagen. Before closing the door, he grasped her chin. She jerked her head in defiance and he clicked his tongue in warning. “Buckle up, brat and no more of your shenanigans. Go straight home. I’ll be right behind you all the way.”

* * *

I’ll be right behind you all the way. That’s what he thinks. Obeying stop signs this late at night when there weren’t any cars on the road was just a plain old waste of time, according to Callie’s way of thinking. More so because she was determined to arrive at the brownstone way before Brandon did. He didn’t seem himself tonight. Granted, she had disobeyed him, but she could take care of herself. That didn’t pardon her lying to him, but all should be good after he punished her. It always had been before. She loved the man, but he paid attention to too many rules that really weren’t needed at times. Callie parked the car, grabbed her purse, and ran up three cement steps leading to her apartment.

A door being slammed shut echoed in the distance and could very well rival the blast of a gunshot. Brandon possessed a heavy hand. Soon that hand would connect with her butt. Solid footsteps came to a stop behind her and she stiffened. Her fingers went slack and the keys hit the ground.

He bent over and picked up the keys. “Dammit, woman, where the hell did you get your driver’s license, in a box of Cracker Jack? You went through every stop sign as if you owned them.”

Hands on her hips, Callie snapped, “I did not. I slowed down to make sure there were no other cars coming.”

Brandon pinched the bridge of his nose. “Slowing down is a far cry from stopping, Callie.”

He looked and sounded exhausted. Her shoulders slumped. “You’re obviously tired from your flight and I’m feeling all sorts of a fool right now.” She should forget all about Bailey. He wasn’t worth the aggravation.

Brandon unlocked the door and ushered her inside. She sensed him following close behind. She dropped her purse on the kitchen table at the same time Brandon threw down her keys. In her bedroom, she kicked off her shoes. “I need a shower.” On the way to the bathroom, she said, “Bailey’s forcing some of the girls to have sex with a few select customers. I just know it. They either agree or lose their jobs. These girls have nobody to help them. I’m surprised he hasn’t approached me or Colleen yet. If he did I’d file charges so fast his head would spin.”

“That’s exactly why he won’t approach you or Colleen,” he barked from the doorway. “You both wear your disgust for the man on your faces whenever you look at him. He’s not stupid.”

Callie retraced her steps and stopped a few feet away from him. “I never said he was.”

“You and Colleen aren’t at all timid. He likes girls who are more naïve and gullible. They crave the attention of men no matter what kind it is. It appears to me they either have a daddy who spoils them, one who doesn’t care, or don’t have one at all.”

Callie’s insides melted and all her anger flew out the window. He had one shoulder propped against the doorway, his long legs crossed at the ankles. He looked quite dashing in his suit. She closed the distance between them. His arms drew her close and she held on tight breathing in his scent, exhilarating in the fact that he was hers. He made no move to release her and Callie was content to stay in his arms forever. But nothing ever lasted forever. He gently but firmly pushed her away from him. His disconcerting eye made her anxious. Something was wrong. Did his mood have something to do with Mark showing up?

His hands fell to his sides. “We need to have a serious talk, you and I.”

“Is it because of Mark? If it is, I had no clue he’d show up.”

He shook his head even before she finished speaking. “I trust you completely, Callie. Judging by his expression, you successfully put him in his place. It’s something else.”

His tone unsettled her. Callie backed her way to the bed and sat down with her hands folded in her lap. He’d probably lost his patience with her. She took a deep breath, expelling it in a loud whoosh. Maybe he was going to break up with her. Tears burned her eyes. “Then what’s wrong?”

“You and me.”

It felt as if her heart dropped to her feet. A tear fell down her cheek and she hurriedly wiped it away, but not before he saw it.

The mattress sank beneath his weight and she fell against him. He gathered her onto his lap. “Hey, it’s not that bad. There’s no need for tears.”

“You’re not breaking up with me?”

“Of course not, but we need to set some rules here.”

“I thought we had rules.”

“Yes, we do, but we never discussed the proper punishment when you break the rules and that’s my fault. For example, when you have to be somewhere early in the morning and instead of going right to bed the night before and get your proper rest, you disobey me and stay up late on the Internet. That would require a bare bottom spanking with my hand.”

She picked up his hand and examined it closely. “You have a strong palm.”

“Aw, come on now. Your bottom was made just for me. Full rounded cheeks can handle my punishments,” he teased. “What I’m saying is there are different punishments for different things. Remember when we discussed certain categories?”

Callie’s senses went on high alert. “Mild to severe, you mean?”

“Yes. I’m afraid I’ve been way too lenient with you, princess and it’s going to stop, right here, right now.”

“But this is the first time I ever lied to you.”

“Yes, it is.”

“So, no brownie points for a first-time offense, huh?”

“Not when it comes to fibbing.”

Callie shifted on his lap. There wasn’t a soft bit of flesh on his body. She peeked at his face. His mouth was firm, his expression unyielding. “This spanking is going to be a bad one, isn’t it?”

Author Bio:

Mary lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and a variety of pets inside the house and outside. Critters are always running around in her backyard looking for food. Being outside and surrounded by nature is her favorite pastime. She loves to read and write romances with strong stern heroes and sassy, feisty ladies. She writes Historical Westerns and Contemporary romances. ‘Callie’s Daddy’ is her first Ageplay romance.

Connect with Mary here : Facebook | Twitter | Website

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