Mirror, mirror…who the hell is that? An excerpt from Destiny’s Chance #8Sunday, #PNR

people aren't who you think they are

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and my snippet from Destiny’s Chance, a paranormal romance. Here’s what you know thus far: Destiny has awakened in the hospital after an accident that killed her best friend Zoe. She is visited by Zoe’s boyfriend (odd). If that isn’t enough weirdness, after Chance leaves, Destiny notices her hands look different. She runs for a mirror…

Destiny ripped back the covers and scrambled for the bathroom.

Bruised and battered, Zoe stared at her from the mirror over the sink.

Slapping her face, Destiny searched for her plump cheeks, her ski-jump schnoz, and the mocha-brown eyes she considered one of her best features. The image mimicked her movements but presented high cheekbones loved by the camera, a perfect nose, and large blue eyes gone feral.

She yanked up her hospital gown. Where were her hips? Her boobs! She stared at her flat chest. She dropped the gown and screamed.

Destiny’s Chance blurb

Fate gave her a chance for love.  Is she brave enough to accept it?

Destiny Grable has loved Chance Everett for as long as she could remember, but he was never interested in her until a tragic act of fate grants her heart’s desire. Now Chance is all hers—body, mind, and soul. But once they’re together, she discovers he has a kinky side she never knew about. Is she ready for it? Can she handle it? And Chance isn’t the only one with a secret. If he discovers what she’s hiding, will he still want her?

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13 Responses to Mirror, mirror…who the hell is that? An excerpt from Destiny’s Chance #8Sunday, #PNR

  1. Oy, to wake up after an accident seeing your dead friend in your… place. Slightly disconcerting. Definitely intriguing.

  2. In her position, I would scream, too. Yikes! An intriguing snippet indeed! 🙂

  3. Well, this took an interesting turn, and quickly! Sounds like it’s going to take some … adjustment. 🙂

  4. Botanist says:

    Oh, wow! That’s an unexpected turn of events. Nicely done.

  5. Wow! That is very scary to look in the mirror and see someone you don’t recognize. I look forward to reading more of this. Sounds very interesting.

  6. That would be extremely disorienting on many levels! Great snippet…

  7. Jenna Jaxon says:

    That would be one hell of an awakening! Talk about identity crisis. Compelling snippet!

  8. Seeing someone else’s face in the mirror – It’s funny and heartwrenching at the same time!

  9. That would be such a trip. If ever there’s an excuse to pass out, waking up in your friend’s body is definitely it!

  10. You’ve established an interesting premise that’s rife with possible complications. Good job!

  11. Kim M says:

    Love your premise. Can’t wait to see what the boyfriend make of it!

  12. OMG! Now that’s an awesome cliff hanger! BTW, also wanted to thank you again for the great notebook and heart magnet holding my dirty little secret late night writing stash snack together right now (reads white cheddar popcorn!)! My hubby saw the pic and said, “I just knew those ab guys you always have on your computer screen were gonna worm their way into the house sooner or later. I’m surprised you don’t try to bring them home from the gym with you.” ROTFL! I just told them he needed to get back into his Shotokan Master shape again. Hehe.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Oh, that’s funny. It seems like every time I’m cover art shopping, DH catches me looking at pictures of bare chested guys. Hope you enjoy the notebook. I wish I’d ordered more of them!

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