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Benzen (Warriors of Orba) blurb:

After escaping their home, six aliens hope to find freedom on a different planet. They end up crashing onto a strange land, a strange culture, and even stranger inhabitants.

They expected to learn some new things. However, one didn’t expect to find love.

Benzen, Voland, Draygus, Victorinth, Jarick, and Ethazol are on the run from their people, now that their once peace-loving planet has been taken over by a hostile dictator, Palzu. They end up on Earth in order to start over and meet a young woman named Allison who takes them under her wing.

When Palzu’s soldiers come after them, the group splits up and Benzen stays behind to protect Allison and begins to develop feelings for her. What will happen when he’s forced to show her what he truly is? Will she accept him or fear him?

This is a sci-fi romance novel, with NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and guaranteed HEA!

Benzen excerpt:

“Benzen!” She looks so pleased to see me.

“Hi there!” I wave. “You look sad. What is the matter?”

“This entire place is the matter,” she says with a frown.

“Why is that? You are surrounded by delicious food, but you are unhappy. How can that be?”

She bursts out laughing and gestures for me to come closer.

“You’re so sweet.” She places a hand on my arm as I lean over the checkout.

I can feel my face growing red and my palms go sweaty. I pull my arms away and shrivel up inside my sweater, nervous that she’ll think I’m disgusting.

“I just wanted to say thank you, for everything. I never got the chance to say so properly yesterday. You are and your father are the kindest people I know.”

“Oh…” she smiles. “Please don’t think about it. It’s no big deal. I understand some people are less well-off than others.”

I smile at her, not sure what to say. A customer approaches and buys some items before leaving. I stand next to them awkwardly, eager for them to go away. They give me a strange look as they leave and I lean back over toward Allison again.

“Is it ok if I find out more about you?”


“Like… What are your favorite foods? You know everything about ours.”

“Hmmm….” she taps her fingers on the counter. “I’d say spaghetti Bolognese or pizza!”

“What is pizza?”

“You’ve never eaten a goddamn pizza?!” she looks really upset at this. “Jesus. I’ll make you one at some point. I mean that, by the way.”

Another customer approaches, and then another. Soon there are too many for me to resume my conversation with her, and I have to leave.

“I hope I can see you soon,” I say as I wave goodbye.

“Yeah! Drop by anytime.”

And just like that, I’m back on the street trying to find my way home. It’s harder to get back than it was leaving. It seems that the more I walk, the more things look the same. I’m pretty sure I’ve circled the same area three or four times already.

I have the sudden and terrifying realization that I’m lost. Voland will be so mad at me. I promised him I’d be ok! Still… It’s not that far from the mall, and I’ve come all the way from outer space, so it can’t be too difficult.

“This is a nightmare,” I mumble under my breath.

I’m getting too hot now in the midday sun, and I’m thirsty. My lips are dry and cracking, my sweater sticking to my back with sweat.

“Excuse me?” I approach a passing stranger, even though I know I shouldn’t. “Could you please direct me to the tall building, the one with the apartments?”

They look petrified at me and simply shake their head and hurry away. I can’t look that bad, can I? Looking at my reflection in a shop window, I can see that I don’t exactly look good, and I don’t quite look the same as everyone else, but…I’m not frightening, am I? I approach another person, my tongue running over my parched lips as I speak.

“Hello? Can you help me please?”

“I don’t have any change,” the old man snaps at me and hobbles off with his stick clacking on the ground.

I don’t know how long it takes me, but eventually, I find my way back to the correct building. It’s dark now, and the stars are barely making their way through the heavy layer of cloud that shrouds the planet. I’m starving, thirsty, and exhausted. My feet hurt so much as I walk up the stairs, and my tongue is so dry it’s sticking to the roof of my mouth. I bang on the door, and Jarick answers.

“Hey friend!” he looks relieved to see me. “Where have you been? We’ve been really worried.”

“I’ve been fine, just…walking around.”

I don’t want to admit I was lost, because then Voland might not let me out alone anymore.

“Just…walking around?” Draygus seems skeptical.

“Yeah.” I slump down on the floor and close my eyes. I feel like I could sleep for years.

“Hey,” Voland shakes my shoulder to wake me up. “What did you find out?”

“Uh, what?”

“What did you found out about the human race from that woman?”

“Oh, well…nothing really.” I close my eyes again.

“You’re telling me you were out that long and you have nothing to report back with?”

“I mean I have lots of stuff! I’ll tell you all tomorrow. Right now I’m sleepy, though.”

I don’t think Voland believes me, but he doesn’t chastise me.

“Very well. Go to bed,” he points into one of the rooms. “But get some food and water first.”

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Author Bio:

Zara has lived all over the United States, ranging from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York City. She has loved meeting new people and looking at the stars while trying to get away from the bright city lights.

She has loved writing ever since she was in 3rd grade, and finally decided to publish her work for a larger audience! She writes about steamy alien romances as well as cyborgs and time travelers too!

She likes watching movies on the weekends (who doesn’t like Sci-Fi?) with her golden retriever, Leo, and her boyfriend on their couch and traveling to new places.

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