#LaborDay summer recap: What I did on my summer ‘vacation’

cara in wmsburg

Took a week to visit Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia and practice my selfies.

Remember those “What I did on my summer vacation” reports you had to do in elementary school?

Funny story: I grew up in California. In the third grade, a friend of mine had told the class how she’d gone to see “Miami”  over the summer. Well, now I know Miami is a city in Florida, but back then I thought my friend was saying “My Ami,” like Miami was her aunt or something. Lol. I don’t remember when I figured it out.


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Anyway, this is what I did this summer (summer defined as June 1-August 31):

  • In June my husband and I took a week and went to visit Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia and visited some friends in Tennessee.
  • We bought a new SUV (this required traveling out-of-state).
  • I took a writing hiatus of about a month so I could focus on some publishing and promotion tasks that had been backing up.
  • I published  Trapped with the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 4),  in June, and in July re-released  Destiny’s Chance.
  • I wrote two short stories: Spark of Attraction, a cyborg romance, for Pets In Space, a science fiction anthology to be released in October, and Married to the Cyborg, a Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance standalone exclusive for my newsletter subscribers (coming in this month).
  • I prepared Domestic Discipline, a two-story spanking romance volume, for publication (to be released tomorrow!)
  • Wrote/posted 68 blogs (averaged a blog a day in August)
  • Wrote/distributed 6 newsletters


    To be released on Tuesday, Sept. 6!

  • Did 3 or 4 author takeover events on Facebook
  • Publicized two major reader giveaways: Scandalous Spirited Giveaway for a $200 prize and GenreCrave’s science fiction and fantasy $1200 prize giveaway. (Both contests are currently ongoing, so you can still jump in!).
  • Coordinated care for my mother who broke her foot/had surgery.
  • Cooked dinner nearly every night, walked 4+ miles nearly every day for exercise, read 16 books.

You know the phrase, “unclear on the concept?” I don’t think I have this “vacation” thing down yet. Lol.


What did you do this summer? Anything fun?

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8 Responses to #LaborDay summer recap: What I did on my summer ‘vacation’

  1. LOL! I’m always amazed at how much you do! And no, you don’t have the vacation thing down!

    I went with my family back to Denver for a week then 2 weeks in an RV traveling the southwest. Had a wonderful wonderful time totally unplugged (almost totally) from everything and decided I love camping so much, I want to buy an RV and just be in nature.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      You have always been good with taking time off and time for yourself. I think having small kids pretty much forces you to.

      When I worked in a corporate environment, I was good at vacations. I guarded my time off with a vengeance. But I didn’t like my job then. I love being and author, and I’m trying to build a career. I do envision in the not-to-distance future, contracting out a lot of the promotional stuff that I do to free up some time.

  2. As usual you make me feel like a slacker. Haha Nice to have a friend who keeps me on the right path.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thanks! What I didn’t highlight too much, but that was really significant, was that I spent a month not writing (or editing). I am always either writing or editing. For me, that break was big. I still worked, but not writing provided a shift in focus and mental energy, so it still was a vacation of sorts.

  3. So now that summer’s over, you’re ready to being lazy? 😉

  4. Wow! Busy summer. You seem to me to be a very organised, methodical person, so you probably get a lot done while I am searching through the mess on my desk for that piece of paper where I wrote a brilliant idea, or hunting for the pen that I know is around here somewhere. One day I plan to turn into that organised person, but I won’t hold my breath.

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