Author Susan Grant shares a reader’s story about her dog Banzai #PetsInSpace #ScifiRom

By Susan Grant

What’s in a Name?

I love dogs and cats, and I feature them in many of my books. In real life, both rescue pets and show pets have brought joy to my life. So it was very special when Erin, one of my readers, wrote to tell me that she planned to name a newborn Collie puppy “Banzai” after the heroine in my action romance The Legend of Banzai Maguire, one of her favorite books.


I began to look forward to the updates Erin would email me. Then the wild ride began. She and her husband entered Banzai in dog shows, and soon Banzai was the #1 female Smooth Collie in the country! “WHAT A THRILL ride she has been!” Erin wrote to me recently. And a thrill for me, too, as the author who penned the story that inspired Erin to name this incredible dog after a character in my book.


But, if you think Banzai, the show champ, was somehow dull and compliant think again! Banzai’s middle name was “Bad-Dog” for a reason. It seems Banzai was destined for a dual-career track—one was dog shows and the other was hellraising! Along with eating the decorative candles on Erin’s hutch (along with any other candles she could find) over the years Banzai has consumed a collector’s edition of “Old Bones: The Wonder Horse”, several treasured novels and cookbooks (I guess this is what you call sinking your teeth into a good read haha), and a $300 statue of a mustang. On top of all that, Banzai hates other dogs to be around her, will discourage unwanted male attention by chomping on the interested males’ faces. She is even jealous of other dogs when they’re in other crates—pining after what they are chewing on, eating, playing with.




Despite all that, Erin says, “I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of her. There will NEVER be another like her.” No, there won’t be. BIS/BISS Gold Grand Champion Tir Na N’ Og The Legend Of Banzai Maguire, aka “Bad Dog” aka “Banzai” is one of a kind, just like her namesake, Bree “Banzai” Maguire.

Have any of you ever named pets after characters in books? I love the idea. Naming your pets is definitely an art. It has to be just the right one. Often it’s not easy. We named our now two-year old Border Collie “Skye” only after trying out Harriet, Jamie, and Casey. (but I think she thought her real name was “No!”)

The hero of Stray in the anthology Pets in Space, Lt. Lukas Frank, comes up with a great name for his new dog. Here’s the scene in Bang-Bang’s point of view:

“There’ll be no getting rid of him now, Sir. You’re gonna have to name him. How about Kabob? We can call him Bobby.”

“Kabob? What the f—?” The Tall One sounded unhappy.

He cowered all over again, tucking his tail.

“Because the Baréshtis like to eat street dogs—”

“That’ll be all, Staff Sergeant.” The Tall One turned back to study him. “A backfire sent you running—straight to me. I could call you Backfire…” Then he shook his head. “Nope. Doesn’t fit. It was more like a double bang. A bang, bang.” A hand ruffled his fur. “That’s it. Bang-Bang. A good name. Come on, boy. You’ve just been recruited to be an Interplanetary Marine. Bezos Station could use a few good dogs.” The Tall One hoisted Bang-Bang high off the ground into his arms. “But first, dinner and a bath. Definitely a bath.”

Thank you for having me on your blog! I always enjoy chatting about pets and books, so this was a win/win.

Pets in Space Blurb

Even an alien needs a pet…

Join the adventure as nine pet loving sci-fi romance authors take you out of this world and pull you into their action-packed stories filled with suspense, laughter, and romance. The alien pets have an agenda that will capture the hearts of those they touch. Follow along as they work side by side to help stop a genetically-engineered creature from destroying the Earth to finding a lost dragon; life is never the same after their pets decide to get involved. Can the animals win the day or will the stars shine just a little less brightly?

New York Times, USA TODAY, Award Winning, and Best selling authors have nine original, never-released stories that will capture your imagination and help a worthy charity. Come join us as we take you on nine amazing adventures that will change the way you look at your pet!

10% of the first month’s profits go to Hero Dogs raises and trains service dogs and places them free of charge with US Veterans to improve quality of life and restore independence.


By Susan Grant (New York Times/USA TODAY Bestselling, and RITA Award Winning Author)

Interplanetary Marine Lt. Lukas Frank has a lot in common with a street dog named Bang-Bang; they both started off as scrappy orphans fighting to survive—and beat the odds. Things change when Bang-Bang leads Lukas to starpilot Capt. Carlynn Riga. The tough war hero learns what it means to surrender — his heart. Lukas’s struggles with PTSD threaten to tear the three of them apart, but nothing threatens them more than when Carlynn goes missing on a mission. Can a scarred marine and his unlikely canine partner find Carlynn and bring her home, or will he lose everything he’s finally found worth fighting for?

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