My favorite #Halloween costumes. Pictures!

When I was a little kid, my favorite part of Halloween was dressing up in costume. I much preferred homemade costumes to store-bought ones because I thought they looked more authentic. I also preferred the “scary” ones. So I was a devil, a witch, a vampire.

In high school for Homecoming week, one year I went as a ghost. I just put a sheet over my head. Simple, but fun. The other kids kept trying to guess who I was–but I wouldn’t tell them.

At one of my jobs, employees often dressed up for Halloween.  One time I dressed up as a “housewife.” I put curlers in my hair, carried a frying pan, and wore my nightgown, robe and slippers to work. Very comfy! Another time, I went as an accident victim — I hobbled in on crutches wearing a hospital gown. I don’t have photos of those costumes, but here some others that I do have pictures of.

As a cavewoman (with my boyfriend in college).


Cara as a “cat burglar”


As an alien


As a “biker chick” (right) with author Karla Tipton (left) who is dressed as Dr. Who.


My most favorite costume ever was the hooker one. That’s me on the floor.  I had so much fun with this costume. I threw a Halloween party, and the hooker thing turned out to be the theme. Several of my friends came as hookers/pimps. Great fun.



What was your favorite Halloween costume?

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  1. Lisa Medley says:

    Good Lord those are great!

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