30+ Instagram hashtags for authors to promote their books

You think Instagram is about photos? Wrong! It’s all about the hashtag. If you want to draw followers and enhance your visibility on Instagram you have to use hashtags. Here is an alphabetized list of the most common ones for authors.

Other than the ones that have Instagram or IG in the tag, these will also work for Twitter (because most these originated with Twitter).

  1. #amwriting
  2. #authorsofig
  3. #authorsofinstagram (this is the main one!)
  4. #awriterslife
  5. #bookgiveaway
  6. #booknews
  7. #books
  8. #bookstagram
  9. #coverreveal
  10. #cowboy
  11. #eroticromance
  12. #fantasy
  13. #Igauthorlife
  14. #indieauthor
  15. #mustread
  16. #newrelease
  17. #novelist
  18. #paranormal
  19. #PNR
  20. #romance
  21. #romancewriting
  22. #sciencefictionromance
  23. #scifiromance
  24. #writersofig
  25. #writersofinstagram
  26. #writerstools
  27. #writetip
  28. #writingcommunity
  29. #writingromance
  30. #writingtip
  31. #YA

What other hashtags have you found to be effective?

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6 Responses to 30+ Instagram hashtags for authors to promote their books

  1. Excellent list, thank you. I occasionally throw in an “am editing” as well. Not sure of the effectiveness but I always get a bunch of likes. To be honest, I’m on Instagram to share pictures and to see other people’s pictures of their homes/locations/pets, not really for marketing. I should probably slap my own wrist, right?

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thanks for the add (#amediting). I try to do a balance between personal photos and book related ones. I think Instagram is a lot of fun, and I enjoy the creativity of it.

  2. I need to do more book related stuff on Instagram. Mostly I’ve posted snow pictures. LOL

  3. Laurel Lasky says:

    As usual, an excellent post with great info.

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