Coming on Thursdays: a look back at science fiction romance…#SFR #ScifiRom #TBT

On social media there is such a thing as Throwback Thursday (#TBT), in which people post old photos of themselves. I got to thinking, why isn’t there a TBT for books? Why not do a feature about backlisted books?

New releases get all the attention. They get reviewed, they’re featured on book tours, friends share the news on Facebook. But older books….they’re like the red-headed stepchildren of publishing.

It’s time to show them some love!

On Thursdays on, I’ll feature science fiction romances from authors’ backlists. These will books that have been out for while but are worth taking a second look at. Here are the basic rules:

  1. A book must have been published at least six months ago.
  2. New releases will not be accepted, except for re-releases of older books.
  3. A book must be full-priced, at least $2.99 or more (there are plenty of places to promote 99-cent and free books).
  4. Only science fiction romance will be accepted.

The only thing left is to come up with is a name for this feature. The goal is to draw attention to it in a positive way. Please help by voting on the name:

A one-question survey

Do you have an “older” science fiction romance you’d like featured? Email me at carabristol50 (at) yahoo (dot) com and put Thursday feature in the subject line to request the submission form/instructions.

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2 Responses to Coming on Thursdays: a look back at science fiction romance…#SFR #ScifiRom #TBT

  1. Shelley Dayman says:

    I would like to recommend some Authors, whose older books are worth mention:
    Dara Joy – Ritual Of Proof, plus others all Paranormal
    Laurell K. Hamilton – Merry Gentry series
    – Anita Blake series..,just a start

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thanks for the recommendations. I’m having authors submit their books along with a story about each one, why it’s special.

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