#8Sunday: He fought the good fight…from Claimed by the Cyborg

In this scene, former lovers March and Julietta are together. She has shown him a secret grotto in the palace, and she entices him to go skinny dipping. She is still supposed to be bonded to Naimo. The first line of dialogue is Julietta’s.

The pool was also slightly pink. Like many things on Xenia, it had a rosy cast—or perhaps his love-stricken state tinted everything.

“It’s what you Terrans call a hot spring. I’m glad you decided to join me.”

Emotions muddled together. Need, desire, guilt. Ethics? Until this trip, he’d believed they were rock solid. Get out of the pool–now.

Her toes brushed his legs; her breath kissed his wet face.

That’s all folks. That’s really all. Next week I’ll introduce a new book.

 Claimed by the Cyborg Description

March Fellows assumed he had all the time in the galaxy to pursue a relationship with Jules, an alien exchange student from Xenia, until she vanished without a trace. After years of searching, he finds his lost love on the eve of her arranged marriage.

The daughter of the Xenian emperor, Julietta never meant to fall in love with a Terran man while visiting Earth. Leaving to fulfill her responsibilities on her home planet opened up a hole in her heart that could never be filled. When March, now a cyborg, unexpectedly shows up just before she is to be bonded, she struggles to find the courage to turn him away a second time and follow through with her duty. Before she can act, the lovers are thrust into a political conspiracy that threatens the Xenian empire and their lives.

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15 Responses to #8Sunday: He fought the good fight…from Claimed by the Cyborg

  1. Oh, this is a big moment. Such an intriguing snippet! 🙂

  2. Even if his ethics aren’t rock solid, I’m sure something else–no, I won’t say it.

  3. Nancy Gideon says:

    Oh, man! Coitus Interruptus! I’m kinda certain ethics are out the window. Thanks for sharing, Cara!!

  4. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Ohm I don’t think he’s getting out of that pool anytime soon! Ethics can be a cold bedfellow–and I’m sure March is pretty hot at the moment. Great scene! Can’t wait to read it!

  5. I loved this book and reviewed on Amazon. You have converted me, Cara, to science fiction. Not sure if I sent the link for the review, but here it is.

  6. Botanist says:

    I think ethics already flew out the window. This is a lot more going-in-with-eyes-open than heat-of-the-moment-helplessness.

  7. They seem to be quite close already!

  8. Siren X Star says:

    What?! That’s it?!! Such a tease!!!

  9. You never know how strong your ethics are until you’re really tempted!

  10. Ooh! I’m excited to see what you bring next week!

  11. Diane Burton says:

    Not fair! You can’t leave us hanging. I guess we’ll just have to buy the book. LOL Best wishes, Cara.

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