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By Lea Kirk

Prophecy is a story I started writing in high school. I put it aside when my first set of twins were born and didn’t even think about it again until after my second set of twins were eleven. When it came back to me, I was sick in bed with 102 degree temperature. One scene kept playing over and over in my fevered dreams until I finally got up and typed it into the computer. The next day another scene did the same thing. By the third day I was feeling better, and excited. I just knew that after thirty years it was time to finish this story.

It took me three more years to finish and publish this book. As my “literary first-borns”, Gryf and Alex are near and dear to my heart. Breathing life into them is one of my greatest joys.

Prophecy blurb

A nightmare of galactic proportions…

One normal day turns into horror when Earth is attacked. Now ER nurse Alexandra Bock is imprisoned aboard an alien slave ship with no way out. She deems all aliens untrustworthy, including the handsome blue-skinned Matiran captain who shares her cell.

A betrayal from within…

One night of treachery leaves Senior Captain Gryf Helyg a prisoner of his enemies. Because of him, Earth’s inhabitants face extinction and his home world is threatened. But his plans for escape are complicated by his inexplicable draw to the Earth woman imprisoned with him.

A chance to save both their peoples…

One ancient prophecy holds the key to free Alexandra and Gryf’s war-ravaged worlds. Can two wounded souls who have lost everything learn to trust and forgive in order to fulfill the prophecy, and find a love that will last for eternity?


Alex scooted next to him, and he enveloped her in his strong arms. Tension drained from her shoulders as though sucked down an invisible drain, and their breathing synchronized. This really did help. Snuggling into him and wrapping her arms around his waist was perfectly natural. Desirable, even.

“Are you better?” Gryf asked.

“Much. So, what’s happening to me?”

“To both of us. I have suffered from a concerning lack of empathy and sound judgment this morning.”

“You too, huh?”

“It has been shameful.” One large hand stroked over her hair. “Can you deny feeling the discord within you ease now?”


“Our souls needed proximity to each other. It is called anim loqui, soul commune.”

“Um, okay.”

“Whether we are anim tros or not, our souls need time together each day to avoid a repeat of this morning’s physical reactions.” The warmth of his breath stirred against her hair. “Alexandra, I am sorry about yesterday. Truly. I will not lie to you. Anim tros is very real, but I will not demand your compliance. It must be given willingly.”

His heartfelt apology washed through her. Since the air around them all but shimmered with honesty, then a little more from her couldn’t hurt. “Ora gave me a copy of that prophecy yesterday.”

He tensed but said nothing.

“I’ve given it a little thought, but Gryf, the whole idea scares me.” She pushed back to meet his gaze. “I mean, I’d lose everything I am. Alex Bock would cease to exist.”

He traced one finger along the side of her face. “It is not like that. Alexandra Bock and Gryf Helyg would continue to exist, but they would change. Grow. Become more than they are now. Their life goals would be shared, and they would live and die as one.”

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Lea Kirk bio

Lea Kirk loves to transport her readers to other worlds with her Sci-fi Romances. In 2016, she published two full-length SFR novels, and two short stories for her Prophecy Series. She was recently named 2016 Debut Author of the Year by GravelTells Blog.

She lives in California with her wonderful hubby of twenty-six years, five kids, and a Doberman who thinks he’s a people.

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12 Responses to Backlist to the Future: Prophecy by Lea Kirk #ScifiRom, #SFR #TBT #B2F

  1. Lisa Medley says:

    Two sets of twins?? Egads! The rest of us have no excuse, lol! Your story sounds wonderful! Congrats!

  2. This story has a pretty impressive pedigree: high school, twins, fevers, delayed gratification. Just think how much better this book is than if you’d written it as a teenager.

  3. Diane Burton says:

    2 sets of twins? Yikes! I thought 2 kids 13 months apart was challenging. You must be a saint. I’ve had this book on my Kindle for a while. It’s about time I read it.

  4. Oh my gosh! TWO sets of TWINS! Yes, now I totally feel like an underachiever.

    What an amazing story behind this amazing story. 🙂

    And Ed is right. There’s a reason why the majority of authors are…um, “mature.” Not only because of other priorities earlier in life, but because it often requires quite a bit of life experience to write “deep.” I occasionally discover some of the stuff I wrote in my teens and twenties and I just cringe. LOL

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