#8Sunday: Starr gets more bad news…from ALIEN MATE #scifirom

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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m excerpting from Alien Mate, my new science fiction mail order bride romance. To recap: Earthling Starr has landed on planet Dakon, which is in the middle of an ice age, and has met her new mate Torg. It’s a bit of distance to his home, and when she has a hard time hiking through the snow, he slings her over his shoulder. Her POV…

“Put me down.” I punctuated another token protest with a light slap. If he complied, I’d be in trouble; my cheap synth shoes offered little protection or warmth.

“Not until we get to camp,” he replied to my relief.

The continued “camp” reference worried me. On Terra One World, people spent days or weeks in wilderness areas called camps for the sole purpose of making their lives difficult. Roughing it on Dakon?

“Tell me about your home,” I said.

“It is one of the nicest tribal camps–the caves provide natural shelters and are much better than anything manmade.”

“Did you say cave?”

Book Description

I’m Starr Elizabeth Conner. Earth’s government falsely convicted me of a crime, packed me on a ship with other female felons, and sent us to Dakon, a primitive, frozen wasteland of a planet. Why? Earth needs minerals, and Dakon is desperate for females.

But I’m no barbarian’s ‘mail order bride,’ even if he is super tall, muscular, and the chief of his tribe. He doesn’t want a BBW blonde, either–it’s written all over his chiseled face. He’ll be truly angry if he ever learns what my ‘crime’ was.

I am Torg. I have waited 34 rotations for a mate of my own. With this shipment, I was sure to get a fine, sturdy mate who’ll bear me many daughters. Instead, I receive a small, curvy, pale-haired female who looks at me with anger and fear.

It is only when we ‘kiss’ that I believe things may work out between us. But I’m hearing rumors that Starr and her shipmates are law-breakers. To survive, Dakonians must obey all laws … or be exiled into the frozen wasteland.  Just when I have found her, will I have to send my mate to die?

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13 Responses to #8Sunday: Starr gets more bad news…from ALIEN MATE #scifirom

  1. I love the token resistance, overridden by common sense. I’m not sure if she is, but I’d be relieved at staying in a cave rather than a tent in those conditions!

  2. Oh, a cave can be very good, or very bad. I doubt it offers much privacy if others share it, but it definitely protects from the cold. Great snippet! 🙂

  3. Jenna Jaxon says:

    I wonder what she would have done if he had put her down. LOL I hope she’s not claustrophobic, although caves can be huge. Not the life she’s used to, I’m sure, and Jessica’s point about privacy is well taken. Can’t wait to read more!

  4. That’s it. I must buy this delicious book. Thanks for another thriller romance, Cara.

  5. Yes, the ‘camp’ was on the rustic side all right LOL. Really enjoyed this book and today’s excerpt was fun.

  6. She is in for some rude awakenings, isn’t she? At least a cave is solid and stable.

  7. A real “caveman” – she’s lucky it’s not an igloo.

  8. Diane Burton says:

    Your snippets have been so intriguing, Cara. I have to read this book. A tent or a cave? In an ice age, I’d take the cave.

  9. I think I share people’s preferences for the cave, over the tent. Especially in an ice age. I think I might enjoy this book, so I’m off to buy it.

  10. Methinks she should’ve read the fine print on her mail-order bride application!

  11. Caves can be cozy, maybe? I guess she’ll see.

  12. Amy Braun says:

    Definitely not what she had in mind, huh? 😉

  13. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” And she does it so well. lol Nice!

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