Get PETS IN SPACE before the romantic adventure ends…#scifirom

Pets in Space, an anthology of nine science fiction romances by nine authors, will be removed from publication the end of this month and will no longer be available for purchase. This is your last chance to pick up the complete volume of action-packed, funny, romantic stories starring a hero, heroine and their pets.

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A look inside Pets in Space

A Mate for Matrix by S.E. Smith

A young vet assistant learns the strange wolf that was delivered to the clinic is more than it seems – especially when a sexy alien warrior shows up looking for him.

Stray by Susan Grant

When the woman he loves goes missing, an Interplanetary Marine and the scrappy street dog that he saved must use all their skills to find her.

Spark of Attraction by Cara Bristol

When his emotions are erased, a cyborg military captain doesn’t think he’ll ever feel again – until he meets a traumatized young woman and a ball of synthetic fur named Sparky.

The Real Dragon by Pauline Baird Jones

The fate of the Earth, or at least ten square miles of Texas, depend on a woman, her talking dragon, and the man she loves – if only she could remember who he was.

 Star Cruise: Stowaway by Veronica Scott

Danger surrounds the stowaway that a Cargo Master discovers with the help of the ship’s cat and her alien sidekick.

StarDog by Laurie A. Green

A complicated mission depends on the unlikely alliance between a navigator, a charming street vendor and an adorable StarDog.

Spike by Alexis Glynn Latner

An unusual pet from space offers two young people a chance at love – and helps in solving a dangerous mission plagued by sabotage.

Space Ranger by Lea Kirk

A hardened commander and a botanist discover that love can blossom from the smallest, furriest ties.

Escape Run by Carysa Locke

The fate of an entire population rests on a hunter and her psychically gifted fox, unfortunately the man who hired her might prove a fatal distraction if she can’t keep her focus.


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