The numbers game: weird author behavior–checking the stats…

As an author, I like to know how I’m doing, if my books are selling, if readers like them, if my promotional efforts are paying off. Fortunately, authors, particularly indies, have a lot of data at their fingertips. I “check my stats” throughout the day, and tend to check more often when there is a lot of movement and less often when things slow down. Some stats I may only check once or twice a week, but others may be hourly. (Yes, it’s distracting. Look! A squirrel!).

I love numbers and I love “keeping track.”

So here’s what I check (and how often I check it):

  1. Amazon sales numbers. The actual number of books sold. This is the biggie. If you think checking rankings is addictive, go indie and see what happens when you can see actual sales numbers, updated hourly, or even more frequently. (Hourly to daily)
  2. Sales numbers on other booksellers. (Daily to weekly).
  3. How much I’ve actually earned. (Daily to weekly.)
  4. Amazon sales rankings. (Several times a day to weekly)
  5. Number of free downloads. (Daily during a promotion, weekly if no promotion )
  6. Newsletter subscription increases. (Daily to weekly)
  7. Newsletter opens and click rates. (Several times a day in the first day of release, then once a day for a couple days, then not at all. Every couple of months, I review the overall activity).
  8. Newsletter unsubscribes. I look at when they subscribed, and how they got on the list. (As they occur).
  9. Website visits, page views, landings and exits. (A few times a week). I record my annual stats.
  10. Number of reviews and the average star rating. (A few times a week)
  11. Number of advertising clicks and the cost per click. (At least a few times a week, sometimes daily)
  12. Number of followers on Facebook, Instagram and sometimes Twitter. (Once or twice a month –when I remember).

Is there anything else you track? How often?

By the way, if you’re an Indie and you don’t have Book Report, you are missing out. It is amazeballs. Book Report software will tell you how much you’ve earned and how many units of each book you’ve sold on Amazon since the beginning. It will give you daily, monthly or custom stats. You can instantly see how each individual book is performing. It tracks sales, freebies, and pages read (for KU). You will wonder how you ever lived without it. It’s $10 per month, but has a free trial.

Note: Book Report only tracks Amazon, not the other booksellers, and it only does self-published books.

* * * *

In Monday’s bucket list post, I held a prize drawing for readers who shared an item from their bucket list. Chosen by, the winner is…ML, who will receive a copy of Trapped with the Cyborg.

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2 Responses to The numbers game: weird author behavior–checking the stats…

  1. I LOVE book report especially the ca-ching! I don’t check my ranking as much as I used to before being indie. That has actually saved my sanity! I rarely check social media follows or newsletter subscribes/unsubscribes, and I try not to look at GR after release week only because my skin is thin! LOL. Try though is the key word there.

  2. Cara Bristol says:

    I rarely check GR, and when I do, I regret it.

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