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By Josie Litton

This was my first self-publishing venture after many years of being traditionally published. To say that I had a lot to learn is a vast understatement.  Writing about a young woman who awakens in the near future to confront the stunning reason why she can’t remember her past and the man who faces that with her was the “easy” part.

Everything else was an opportunity to go wrong. I loved the first cover but it really didn’t signal to readers clearly enough what the book is about. I think the new cover does that much more effectively. I also didn’t realize how hard it is to find the audience for a book that really doesn’t fit into a neat slot. I love sci-fi romances with hunky aliens but ANEW is strictly about humans, people struggling to cope with a future where the question of what it means to be human is harder to answer than ever.

Fortunately, many reviewers loved the book and I’m very grateful to all of them for their encouragement. Probably my favorite is the reviewer who called ANEW “a cross between Fifty Shades of Grey and The Hunger Games”. Talk about setting the bar high! But she was right in a lot of ways because the future in ANEW is filled with danger and the heat level is every bit as intense. I’ve since gone on to write contemporary romantic suspense and dark new adult romance but I still think about returning to the world of the ANEW trilogy where there are many more stories to be told.

Anew: Awakened blurb

From NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Josie Litton

“5 Explosive stars…nothing less than spectacular…sensual, explosive and revealing.”–Goodreads Reviewer

In this sensual retelling of “Sleeping Beauty” set in the near future, a beautiful young woman awakens in the garden of a secluded estate with no knowledge of who she is or how she came to be there. For the man who walks out of the darkness to claim her, she is at once the ultimate challenge and the greatest temptation.

Haunted by terrifying memories of another existence, Amelia is caught between passionate desire for Ian and longing to discover her true self. Even as he is determined to possess her body and soul, Ian’s need to protect Amelia leads him into a confrontation with his tormented past.

Together, they face the challenges that lie beyond the sanctuary of the estate in the glittering world city on the edge of cataclysmic change. In the midst of sensual excess that conceals seething rebellion, Amelia and Ian will discover that love has become the ultimate threat to survival.


As I watch, a man emerges from the deep shadows on the far side of the fountain, coming from darkness into light. His stride–steady, swift, purposeful–dissolves the distance between us. Black jeans hug the long length of his legs and his narrow hips. Under a snug black T-shirt, I see the movement of muscles across his broad shoulders and chest. His arms hang loosely at his sides, the fingers of each hand curling inward as though he carries weapons that are invisible to me. His hair is dark brown, thick and slightly long. The sun has burnished his skin. He has strong, symmetrical features, the facial bones angular and chiseled.

Too far away to see his eyes, I nonetheless feel their intensity. My first instinct is to flee but where? Belatedly, I realize that I don’t know where I am, much less where I could go.

Searching for answers, I stumble across a greater mystery. I have no idea who I am.

With that discovery, my heart begins to race but only for an instant. Panic recedes like a swiftly ebbing tide, replaced by a swell of soothing calm. I stand frozen in place, waiting heartbeat to heartbeat as he nears.

Across shrinking space, further details reveal themselves. He hasn’t shaved in a day…two? I wonder suddenly how the stubble along his square jaw would feel against my fingertips. Is it coarse? Raspy? Silken? The thought shocks me with its presumption of intimacy.

When no more than an arm’s length separates us, he stops. That close, he appears even larger, more formidable but also young, still in his twenties, I think. At last, I can see his eyes. Set under arching brows, they are a rich golden amber shading to brown and framed by thick lashes.

When I meet his gaze, I glimpse curiosity darkened by…passion? I shy away from that at once, concentrating on what else I glimpse. Wariness? Can that be right? Is there something about me that makes this man cautious?

At that moment, what I want most is to hear his voice. When it comes, the deep, slightly husky timbre sends a shiver through me. I watch in unwilling fascination as his full, surprisingly sensuous mouth–the only hint of softness I can see in him–shapes a single word:


I have a name!

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Josie Litton bio

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Josie Litton lives in Connecticut. She is married to the man of her dreams and has two grown children. Becoming an empty nester has left her plenty of time to write, think about writing, plan what to write next, and read. When she isn’t doing that, she’s cooking, gardening, and traveling.

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