A Facebook group for readers & fans of Cara Bristol books & science fiction romance #SFR

Let’s chat!

I wanted to find a way to talk to readers. To hear what they like & dislike and tell them what I have in the works bookwise. Newsletters are too infrequent and don’t allow for conversation and news feed posts on Facebook don’t always (usually don’t) get shown to people, so I formed a closed Facebook group just for readers and fans of my books.

Readers will be able to ask me questions and get answers in real time, and I can get feedback from them. I’ll have special drawings, prize giveaways, and discussion days. One thing I’d like to try is “Spoiler Day,” a discussion where we could talk about a book’s ending. Readers will be able to get advance notice of special sales, cover reveals, secret excerpts and more!

If you’d like to join the group, you can do so here: Chat with Cara.


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