Backlist to the Future…Shane: Marshall of Tallav, an alien dom in search of a submissive

By Cailin Briste

Shane: Marshal of Tallav is the first romance novel I ever wrote and the first book in the Sons of Tallav series. As such, it took many revisions to get it away from the ideal hero and heroine that filled my dreams. I was fortunate to find an amazing editor who taught me a great deal about writing and about the romance genre. Readers want their heroes to have flaws. Perfection is boring. So, Shane developed some shortcomings that Adrianna, the kick-ass heroine helps him overcome. His physique is still yowza-I’ll-take-some-of-that hot.

The Sons of Tallav series is set in a sector of Federation space that’s in a cul-de-sac of planets off the beaten path. It’s a little wild and wooly, but the marshals from the planet Tallav strive to keep law and order. Tallav itself is a matriarchal planet. The Marshals Service is one of the few ways a Tallavan-born man can fulfill his alpha-male needs.

In each of the Sons of Tallav novels, I play with how dominant men succeed in a society that doesn’t appreciate their natural abilities. Shane is a Dom and a master at rope bondage. The second book, Maon: Marshal of Tallav is the story of an alpha male who is sexually submissive. Maon is a favorite character of mine. I love his sense of humor. Each has to overcome the social mores they grew up with.

Book blurb

Shane Tiernan, the Beast of Tallavan aristocratic society, needs relief from the matriarchal rules that are destroying his life. His hope lies in a female submissive, newly graduated from a top sex school. From her resume, she seems perfect. Profile and real life collide when he arrives to collect her. He’s stunned when he spots her vaulting over a bar and snatching up an ice chipper to defend herself against the giant who is chasing her. Her combination of warrior spirit and long-limbed curves fires his Dom imagination and the desire to bind her in his rope and have her under his complete control.

Adrianna Pacquin is sexually submissive, but don’t cross her outside the bedroom. She’s escaped the crime lord who plans to marry her once before. When it becomes clear he’s still after her, she doesn’t intend to get caught. A fortuitous decision to accept the contract of Tallavan Marshal Shane Tiernan promises safety until an attempt to murder him sets the pair on an investigation that will require complete trust in one another. With danger stalking their every step, the secrets they both hide could implode their blooming relationship and leave them exposed to their relentless foe.

Shane: Marshal of Tallav excerpt

Shane looked over his shoulder to see if Adrianna was following. She was several yards behind him, trotting to keep up. Mentally reprimanding himself, Shane slowed, allowing her to catch up, and then pulled her in front and to his left. With a hand placed on her back while he scanned for trouble, Shane steered her toward his hotel.

Calm down. It’s not her fault she was attacked. It better not be. Since his brother’s death, simmering anger always seemed ready to boil over. He released the tension in the muscles of his shoulders and breathed deeper. Whether she was innocent or not, he did not intend to abandon her if she was in trouble. Only if necessary would he void the contract. Besides, she handled herself pretty well. He’d spotted the girl at the other end of the access way running toward him, and his instinct had been to find out why she was in such a hurry. He’d closed most of the distance between himself and the bar just as she sailed over the bar top. The look on the bartender’s face after she grabbed the ice chipper was priceless. The thug had been three times as big, but she’d made him pause when she waved her weapon at him. A lot of warrior spirit in her actions.

At the hotel, Shane ushered her into the lift. While they stood next to each other facing the doors, Shane moved his head slightly to examine Adrianna. Pretty name. Despite the images he’d seen and the personal descriptor he’d read, she wasn’t as small as he’d imagined. At six foot seven, he dwarfed most women, but she came to right below his nose. Dark slacks snugly caressed her long, lithe legs, showing off fit calves and thighs that culminated in the perfect curvaceous swell of hips and ass. When she’d vaulted over the bar, her athleticism had been on full display. Athletic was good. It was possible to do so many things with an agile woman. A demure cream blouse with a drop yoke and a sweet bow at the keyhole neckline covered her upper torso. It, too, was close fitting enough to reveal the jut of rounded breasts. Her nipples didn’t show. What would it be like to pull the string on her shirt and delve inside to discover them? That brown braid snaking down her back would be perfect for winding round his hand to hold her in place while taking that enticing bubble butt. Physically she was everything he could hope for.

His cock hardened, trapped painfully against the tight fabric of his pants. Shane shifted his stance and attempted an unobtrusive effort to reposition himself at the same time Adrianna turned to glance at him. An appealing red tint flushed her neck and face. He wanted to reach over and nip her neck to see if he could make that blush deepen.

If she’d caused the commotion at the bar, he could brighten her ass to a tempting erotic red with a spanking. Fuck, he could paddle her for the fun of it. No, they had to talk first, and then if satisfied, he could spank her. Perhaps give her a taste of punishment before the fact so she’d be less likely to stray. That was probably better than what his cock was demanding he do—tie her up and fuck her senseless. Gods. Why did she have to be so irresistible?

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Author bio

Cailin Briste writes science fiction romance. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America, the RWA Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter, and the RWA Passionate Ink Chapter. She’s writing more novels in her Sons of Tallav series and the second novel in her A Thief in Love Suspense Romance series.

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  1. Thanks for sharing with your readers, Cara.

    I’m currently writing the third book in this series: Rand: Son of Tallav. Shane was my Dom. Maon was my submissive. And now Rand, my sexual sadist. Yeah, I know. But you’re gonna love him too.

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