Authors In Space: The kitchen is the heart of Grace Goodwin’s writing space

By Grace Goodwin

Hi everyone! I spend hours and hours in my kitchen. My desk is there. When the desk gets too cluttered, cramped, or I need a change of pace I move really really far away — to the kitchen table. Reasons I love working in the kitchen?¬† There are actually a few. I have a house big enough that I could crawl away and hide somewhere else, but I don’t.

  1. I like to be in the heart of the house. (That way I don’t miss anything important with my kids.)
  2. It’s really close to the coffee pot. And the coffee mugs. And the sugar.
  3. It’s really close to the fridge, where I keep the creamer — for my coffee. (Are you noticing a trend here?)
  4. There are two windows that let in sunlight and I can open the blinds and look outside so I don’t feel so disconnected from the world.
  5. Sticky notes. If it’s not on a sticky note, it’s not happening because my mind is like a colander these days. LOL. Sticky notes are my external brain.
  6. Even if I’m working, I can eavesdrop on all the conversations in the house. (Keeping up with teenagers is a never-ending challenge!)

I love my family, and I work. A lot. Sometimes 75 or 80 hours/week. So, I try to keep myself in the middle of the action so I don’t miss any more than I have to. That’s why I keep myself in the heart of the house – the kitchen. ūüôā ¬†Thanks for stopping by and I hope you love the characters and wild, sexy adventure in my books as much as I do.

Grace Goodwin Bio

Grace Goodwin¬†is an international bestselling author of Sci-Fi & Paranormal romance. Grace believes all women should be treated like princesses, in the bedroom and out of it, and writes love stories where men know how to make their women feel pampered, protected and very well taken care of. Grace hates the snow, loves the mountains (yes, that’s a problem) and wishes she could simply download the stories out of her head instead of being forced to type them out. Grace lives in the western US and is a full time writer, an avid romance reader and an admitted caffeine addict.

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All of Grace’s books can be read as STAND ALONE novels. Her Happily-Ever-Afters are always free from cheating because she writes Alpha males, NOT Alphaholes. (You can figure that one out.) But be careful…she likes her heroes hot and her love scenes hotter. You have been warned…

Her Cyborg Beast

Caroline Jane (CJ) Ellison has a gift for analysis. When a Wall Street deal goes bad, the choice between prison or the Interstellar Brides Program is a no-brainer. She’ll go. She’ll leave Earth, her past, and her mistakes behind. The decision is logical, not emotional. Until she wakes up on another world with a huge Atlan Warlord, her matched mate, refusing to claim her.

Warlord Rezzer is contaminated. Weak. The Hive captured him and stole his soul, his very beast. A mate is out of the question when he can’t become what he was born to be, a beast, her mate, her protector. Forced into the Brides Program testing against his will, Rezzer has no intention of claiming the beautiful, sassy female who arrives on the Colony. The Hive stole his beast, but not his honor. He vows to give her to another, a worthy male, a beast who is whole — one not hunted by the Hive as part of a dangerous new experiment to win the war.

CJ takes one look at the wounded warrior before her and knows she will never be able to let him walk away. He’s hers now, her perfect match. And if that means she has to seduce the beast or face off with the Hive to save him…that’s exactly what she’s going to do. She lived her life following the rules. With everything on the line, it’s time to break them.

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  1. I look forward to this segment each week. Knowing where others write makes me feel like I have found a new friend!

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