Authors in Space: Where (how) Rebecca Royce, a busy mom, writes…

By Rebecca Royce

How does a mother of three young children write books?  Well, in that mess you see before you. That is my grey chair and me sitting in the grey chair.  Everyone always asks how I ‘do’ it.  How did I write when I had babies? How did I write when I had young children? And how do I write now?

Well, I do it in the living room. As I write this, my messy space, my grey chair is sitting facing the television and my kids are running around. I learned to write with lots and lots of noise, lots of commotion. Like my space.

I’m Rebecca Royce and if we haven’t met its nice to meet you.

I am a New York City girl living with my husband and three children in Austin, Texas. I love happily ever afters, science fiction–specifically Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and Dune–Broadway Musicals, Comic Book Movies, and anything that makes me go WOW I didn’t see that coming.

I have a website where you can see my books and sign up for my newsletter

Although a lot of people know me for my bestselling wolf-shifter series (multiple), lately I am writing Reverse Harem New Adult Romance, Science Fiction Romance, and Dystopian Young Adult stories. I still loves Wolves and writes them as well. **Note on my RH series, Wings of Artemis, each heroine gets two books to complete her happily ever after. Two books. Melissa–Two Books. Diana-Two Books. Future Heroines–Two Books**

I am almost always on social media (I write with it on, remember the chaos?) and love to hear from her readers. Come say hello sometime!

Check out Crashing Into Destiny



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  1. I love seeing other others who write around noise and chaos

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