Backlist to the Future: The Chaos of Luck by Catherine Cerveny, #scifirom

By Catherine Cerveny

When I originally wrote THE RULE OF LUCK, I never expected to write a sequel. Never. Ever. Sure, I daydreamed about what might happen to the characters after the first book ended and even imagined a few scenes, but nothing concrete. I figured I had my one great idea and I was all set. Time to move on to another project, and consider what I wanted to write next.

When The RULE OF LUCK sold as part of a two-book deal with an option for a third, I suddenly had to take the random scenes I’d imagined and turn them into something more. Not just more, but turn them into an entire book! And I had to do it in six months! It was a dream come true, and a nightmare.

I’d never written a sequel before. What did I know sequels? Absolutely nothing. Less than nothing. I honestly didn’t think I could do it, and if I did, would it be as good as the first book? Could I maintain the same level of action, adventure, and romance? Did these characters have any story left in them?

Well, they did, I did, and it is. I love THE CHAOS OF LUCK. Know how when you watch a rom-com and you wonder if the characters will still be together in the weeks and months after the movie ends? In THE CHAOS OF LUCK, I got to answer all those questions for myself. I was able to explore my characters, their relationships, and see if they could survive the challenges I threw at them.

I also had another chance to play around in the future society I’d created in the first book. My approach to science-fiction is of the “golly, gee-whiz, that’s so awesome” mindset. I know my science isn’t completely accurate, but it sounds cool and seems plausible, and I loved monkeying around that world. Getting to expand on it was so much fun, it didn’t even feel like work.

Chaos of Luck Blurb

Mars, the terraformed jewel of the TriSystem, is the playground for the rich and powerful. A marvel of scientific engineering, the newly colonized world offers every luxury. For the first time in human history, the picture perfect life is possible.

Felicia Sevigny’s come to the Red Planet for a fresh start. She’s brought the tarot cards that have been her family’s trade for generations but is hoping to leave the rest of her troubled past behind.

Felicia wants to believe that Mars will also be a clean slate for her and Alexei Petriv, notorious leader of the Tsarist Consortium, but her cards keep predicting something even darker and more insidious is ahead. Something that could mean the end, not just for her and Alexei, but for the entire TriSystem — and all of humanity.

Chaos of Luck Excerpt

He brushed a thumb over my cheek and across my lips as if memorizing the contours of my face before he kissed my forehead. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Then he let me go, turned on his heel, and left the shop. The Consortium chain-breakers fell into step behind him. And I was left with nothing but a sharp ache of loneliness that wasn’t going to go away any time soon, a gut feeling Alexei didn’t want me to investigate, and an appointment who tripped through the door staring wide-eyed after Alexei and carrying—gods help me—another dog.


Catherine Cerveny bio

Catherine Cerveny was born in Peterborough, Ontario. She’d always planned to move away to the big city but the small town life got its hooks in her and that’s where she still resides today. Catherine is a huge fan of romance and science fiction and wishes the two genres would cross paths more often.

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