Bracing for a whirlwind 2018, what I expect this year…

As I write this, I am sitting in the calm before the storm.  2018 is showing every indication of being a category 5 hurricane.

I had high hopes this year of writing/publishing only four, maybe five books. You know, cutting back? Taking it easier. Right away, plans have changed. I got invited to write for the Intergalactic Dating Agency series, and it’s such a good segue to my Alien Mate series, I couldn’t turn it down. So that will add three (yes, three) books to my lineup.

Complicating the book release schedule will be several out-of-town trips. In 2017, my husband I didn’t take a vacation at all, but we’re making up for it this year.

So here’s the schedule as it will roll out:

  • January 9 – Hunted by the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 6) releases.
  • Mid-Feb – March – Vacation in London & Norway
  • March 12 – Rescued by the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 5.5) releases. This was my story in Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2. I’m releasing it as a single title. It’s a prequel to Hunted ( Cy-Ops 6), so it’s book 5.5.
  • May 15 – Alien Attraction (Alien Mate 2) releases!
  • May – vacation in New Orleans
  • July – Alien Mate 3!
  • July – Daughter’s Vegas wedding and my 25th wedding anniversary
  • Sept. – Mastermind marketing conference in Houston
  • Fall 2018 – Intergalactic Dating Agency books to release.

In between  the release dates will be preorders, BookBub deals (hopefully!) and known and unknown special events & promotions.

My goal is to double my newsletter subscriber list by year end and increase my BookBub following by a third.

I hope to decrease blogging. Ha ha ha. I say that every year.  But, this time I mean it!

Speaking of blogging, I have a new blog feature: Reader’s Parlor in which I will interview real, live readers. Beginning tomorrow, January 4, Reader’s Parlor will post every Thursday.

I will also continue Authors In Space, a Saturday feature in which science fiction romance authors show off their home offices or (non) office writing spaces. (If there’s an SFR author whose office you’d like to see, leave me a comment, and I’ll contact him/her.). Backlist to the Future has been discontinued.

And, the fourth Friday of every month is reserved for Freebie Friday, my monthly no-catch prize drawing.

Anyway, I’d better go batten down the hatches.

Oh, one more thing…Did you know I recently started a private Facebook group for readers & fans to hang out? You can find Chat with Cara here.

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9 Responses to Bracing for a whirlwind 2018, what I expect this year…

  1. Deanna Lang says:

    Thanks for posting your schedule. I’ll probably refer to this again to see what’s what. I’m always looking forward to new books from you.

  2. Deanna Lang says:

    Oh, and will you be doing more Krinar books? I really enjoyed the one you wrote. Haven’t read the original series yet.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      You should read the Krinar Chronicles by Anna Zaires and the Krinar Kindle World books based on her series. I highly recommend the books. I enjoyed writing Krinar’s Desire and I love the Krinar Chronicles, but I won’t be writing another one. From a business standpoint, it doesn’t make sense for me to do it. While the Krinar books sell really well, Amazon sets the price on all Kindle World Books, and the pricing structure isn’t favorable to authors.

  3. Lisa Medley says:

    What a great plan, can’t wait for those new Alien Mate books!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Thanks. I’ve got 37K written on Alien Mate 2, which is about halfway, I figure. My goals is to be done with the first draft by the end of January, get it revised before I leave on my trip in February, then send it to my editor right before I leave.

  4. Good luck with your busy 2018!

  5. Wow, big plans and lots of exciting travels too. Looking forward to watching it all play out. Happy New Year!

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