#SFR Author AR DeClerck shares the beauty of her office #AuthorsInSpace

By AR DeClerck

When I first started this writing gig, I was writing at night on an old 2000 HP Compaq desktop in my bedroom. That meant, I had to turn everything off when my husband wanted to get to sleep. As time went on, I decided I needed a laptop, for a more comfortable writing spot on my couch. That way, hubs could play his Xbox in the bedroom and we’d be out of each other’s hair. But, again, as time moved on I realized I needed a “real” desk to do my “real” work at. I was missing space to spread out my papers, organize my materials and keep track of my writing schedule. So I removed the small non-functioning desk from our living room corner and decided to carve out a space for myself over there.

I LOVE swap sites. I looked everywhere for a new desk that had the dimensions and style that I wanted, and everything was so expensive! As I was working on a budget I started trolling Let Go! and Facebook martketplace. Lo and behold, I found THE DESK! Exactly the one I wanted, but at a quarter of the price. So once I brought the desk in and set it up just the way I wanted I finally felt like I had a “professional” space to do my author work in. No more noodling in front of the TV while pretending to write! I have my bright pink HP laptop, space to spread out, and a comfy chair. I have a corkboard to keep my calendar and organizational things, and a cup full of pens. (What writer doesn’t LOVE pens?!) I wanted an area that was chic, functional, and that looked nice in my living room when other people happened by. With my headphones on, music blaring, I can dive into writing. It’s helped me feel like a professional writer, and it helps my family know that when Mom’s at the desk, don’t mess with her!










Author Bio:

AR DeClerck is a wife, mother, healthcare professional and avid reader. She lives in Northwestern Illinois along the Mighty Mississippi with her family, two spoiled dogs and a wily cat. She writes adventure romance, and the one thing you can always expect from her stories is that her characters will go through hell to be together.

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InstagramAmazon Author Page | email: amy@ardeclerck.com

Bound to You by AR DeClerk

Jackson Baine had a gift and he wasn’t afraid to sell it to the highest bidder. His new job with Ferrell Terraforming would net him and his crew enough currency to retire to any planet in any galaxy they chose. He wasn’t so excited about his new corporate liaison. She was exactly the kind of distraction he did not need on a mission.

Lia Bernardi needed Jacks and his crew to clear V-097 of the remains of the long-dead civilization, so she could prove to her stoic father and overbearing boss that she was capable of running her own terraforming mission. Jacks was just a means to an end. Right?

At the far edge of the December Quadrant, Jacks and Lia will discover that the dead are never really gone, and the past never forgets.

Bound to You is only 99 cents! Get it here.


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6 Responses to #SFR Author AR DeClerck shares the beauty of her office #AuthorsInSpace

  1. That’s a very cute pink laptop .

  2. Lea Kirk says:

    Thanks for sharing your space with us, Amy. And, gah!! I LOVE your pink laptop! Want, want, want!

  3. love your space! Your “Dream Big” poster is great, too, and yes, the pink laptop!

  4. Lisa Medley says:

    Love the pink laptop!

  5. Liza O'Connor says:

    That is the tiniest pc I’ve ever seen….no wait….I couldn’t see it. Just a little pink purse…lol
    DREAM BIG, but carry a little pc/purse

  6. Diane Burton says:

    Love the picture of Dream Big. What inspiration!

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