Author Brooke Hodge finds productivity in finishing her own writing space

By Brooke Hodge

I have been writing for the better part of my life. I started in my cousin’s bedroom because he was the first person I knew to get a computer and that’s where it was. I’ve since upgraded to my own bedroom, where I would write from my antique upholstered chair on an IKEA laptop desk, to my very own office. The Hubs and I love to scour Craigslist for deals and steals and I honestly can’t think of one piece of furniture in this room that was bought new.

We drove all the way up to Washington D.C. from our home in Durham, N.C. for that gorgeous armoire and the mahogany desk (and for those Hunger Games fans, I may or may not have screamed “THAT IS MAHOGANY” when we got back in the truck). It’s taken me years to get a proper office that isn’t packed full of junk that I was too lazy to unpack from one of our nearly-yearly moves (ha), but now that I have one, I’ll never go back.

For me, setting aside a dedicated space just for my writing has been the biggest reason that I was able to finish my first book. I’ve tried many times in the past, but I was never able to quite finish. I’ve been working on this one for a year now (I’m also a full time student and full time mom, so it takes me a while anyway), but I saw the greatest productivity after fixing my office. It’s somewhere that I can hide from the drama of my three daughters, close the door, and dedicate myself to my fantasy worlds. It’s also a place that shows just how serious I am about this. It’s not just a hobby anymore, this is a serious endeavor. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to find a house that had room for my writing as well as a family that knew how important it was to me to have that personal space. It’s really made a world of difference. I just need to find some inspirational artwork for the walls and it will be perfect.

My favorite parts of my office are my giant map and my fuzzy rug. The map was “acquired” from my school, along with four others. A professor in the Geography Department was renovating their office and had set all five by the elevator doors. After some digging, I found out they were free for the taking and somehow managed to get them all the way across campus and into my husband’s Explorer (which was a feat in and of itself considering there were also children in it at the time). The rug is actually just two yards of fabric I’d bought from Joann for a bean bag project that I never finished (sensing a trend in me yet? I’m an Aires – sue me) and then stuffed in my closet. I highly recommend this! It’s so much cheaper than a rug and if it gets messed up, I don’t feel as bad getting rid of it. When I’m stressed or running low on inspiration, I just roll around on it for a minute with my cat, Chester (pictured). I would add the chair and ottoman to the list of “My Favorite Things”, but it’s proper name is “The Place Where Productivity Goes to Die” because as soon as you settle into its microfiber plushness, you aren’t getting anything done but a nap! Of course, naps have their place and I’m happy to take them any opportunity I get.

Thanks for taking a look at my office. Hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration to find space in your own home. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be inspiring. The adorable kitty (or dog) is just an added bonus.

About Brooke Hodge

 Brooke is a full time student, full time mom to three precocious little girls, wife, and wrangler of a senior terrier and two [mostly sane] cats. By day she studies rocks and volcanoes on Earth, by night she enjoys more hobbies than any one person should ever be involved with. Her mind, like her mouth, never stops. She draws on her many experiences as a firefighter, a rescue diver, forensic scientist, and (almost) geologist to create witty and dynamic female protagonists who are strong in mind and body and know they don’t have to act like a man or an emotionless fruit fly to be that way, unless they want to. She loves studying planetary science, quantum physics, and what makes people fall in love…and then writing about all of that.

 How to find Brooke

Facebook | Website | Instagram | Twitter @AuthrBrookeHdge

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