Reader’s Parlor: ‘The last angel standing’ Teresa Eick shares her eclectic reading tastes

Reader’s Parlor is a weekly feature in which I interview readers about their book likes & dislikes. If you’ve wondered what readers want, Reader’s Parlor is the place to find out. This week’s guest is Teresa Eick, a former reviewer for Fallen Angel Reviews.

Cara: What do you like to read?

Teresa: I love many genres. From Scifi, romance, YA, GLBT, and M/M. For me the length of the book doesn’t matter. I am looking for stories with strong characters who draw the reader into their story and hold your spellbound to the very end.

Cara: Why do you read? What do you enjoy most about reading?

Teresa: I love reading because it takes me places I have never been allowing me to see the world through the lives of the characters in the books.

Cara: What do you love to see in a story? What are your pet peeves?

Teresa: I love a story that has a strong plot and unique characters who you as a reader fall in love with. One pet peeve I have is when some stories and movies add erotic scenes that are just for effect without adding to the plot line.

Cara: How do pick the books you read? What influences your decision to read a book? Where do you find out about new books?

Teresa: What draws me to a book is the cover and the short explanation of what the book is about. Also, I follow a few specific authors and read all of their books.

Cara: Is there a book you’ve read multiple times? What did you love about it?

Teresa: If I had to pick one book that I would read over and over again I would have to choose a few. C Kennedy’s Elpida series is both heart wrenching and so inspiring. I have Megan Derr’s book Backwoods Asylum in ebook and audiobook format. I have read and listened to it more times than I can remember. I can’t leave out Mary Calmes and Andrew Grey and that is only the romance authors. When you add the YA and Scifi I can give a shout out to: Lea Kirk, Jesse Frankel, Mel Eight, Bill Hargenrader and Noah Harris to name a few.

Cara: What makes you stop reading a book?

Teresa: It doesn’t happen often, but that last time that happened the grammar was terrible and the content was so confusing it took me about 20 minutes to finish a page. I had to email the author that the book needed to be edited and corrected before it was ready. Sad to say she never contacted me again. It was sad because that plot sounded very interesting.

Cara: When you’re not reading, what do you like to do?

Teresa: When I have free time I exercise and sew. I have created costumes for many local theater groups and worked on costumes for the first episode of Star Trek Continues, an internet fan Fiction series.

Cara: Wow! That’s really cool! Quick five:

Ebook, print or audiobook: Ebook, though I have a few audiobooks that I treasure and listen to over and over again.

Your favorite place to read: Any place that is quiet. If I am home it would be in my special chair in my bedroom.

Number of books you read in a year: Figure usually at least 15 a month so that would be easily 180.

A favorite childhood book: I love Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. It was my son’s favorite book when he was little. For me I enjoyed the Little House of the Prairie series. And yes that does date me. LOL

A favorite romance trope: I love romance stories of all kinds so that is a very difficult question for me to answer.

Teresa Eick bio

I am a registered nurse who cares for children in their own homes. My children are both grown and about to start the careers. I have two dogs and two cats that keep me busy at home. I live in the Northeast where the weather goes from beautiful to darn cold. My love for reading and revieing is only rivaled by my love for Japanese anime and manga! LOL Most of my print books are manga leaving the majority of my my books in ebook format. Thank you to my Nook that holds all of my most beloved stories.

I started reviewing books after an author friend got me in contact with Fallen Angel Reviewers where I reviewed for them for about 10 years until they closed leaving me the last angel standing. I still use that as my tag line in my reviews. I love finding new authors while continuing to read books form authors I have been following for years.

Thank you for inviting me into your world allowing me to share a little bit of mine.

You can find my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. I spend time of Facebook following the many authors who write the books I love to read.

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