Cover Reveal! The hot, NEW cover of Stranded with the Cyborg

Same book, new look!

Stranded with the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 1) has a brand new cover, created by Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs. Same book, same price (FREE!), but a hot new look!

Why the makeover?

I wanted the book’s outside to better reflect the inside. I thought the old cover was a tad too sweet for the story and the characters. My cyborgs in the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series are muscular, rough, tough military men who’ve been augmented to be even more bad-ass. Plus, Stranded with the Cyborg is an “enemies to lovers” story. The hero and heroine get their HEA, but they’re not thrilled with each other at the start of the story.

So, I had Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs re-do the cover.

I also updated the cover of Married to the Cyborg, the FREE sequel readers receive when they subscribe to my reader newsletter. Brock and Pia, the hero and heroine of Stranded, have a new adventure together in Married. Since it’s the same characters, I thought the models from the first book should be used on the sequel (The original covers had used different models).

If you’ve already read the books, then there’s no need to download them again. The stories haven’t changed. But if you haven’t read them, now is a good time to download them. Both are FREE!

Get Stranded here.

Get Married here.

Note: Rolling out a new cover is an involved process. It has to be changed on a lot of different sites, which can take a bit of time to complete. So, you may still see the old cover being used for while.

By the way, this is the old cover:

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