Eva Caye combines office & library into one authorly space #AuthorsInSpace

By Eva Caye

I’ve been blessed to move this past year from a 1000 ft2 home to a whopping 2,280 ft2, and my writing space has changed as a result!  In our previous century-old, tiny shotgun farmhouse, all I had was an ancient overstuffed armchair and a cushion on my lap for my computer.  And, when we first moved into this house, I still worked that way, but on a couch with a lazy Susan-type bookcase I could keep convenient stuff on.

Now that we’ve been here for some time and have bought more furniture for the house, I would like to present to you….

*Tah daaaaah!* My new library and writing spot!

This was its first iteration:  I got four new bookcases off eBay for a little over half of what they usually go for, but we’ve only put three together so far.  Nevertheless, they hold about half of our hardbound books, a ton of craft books that are mostly paperbacks about the size of a magazine (on left), and a dozen other crafty things because I haven’t put together my craft room yet.

And then, I saw a cherry conference table on the NextDoor app… for FREE.  Yes.  Why was it free?  Because it was so friggin’ heavy, even AFTER hubby and I took it apart, that we barely got the pieces in the door!  And that’s why it was free; most people look at huge pieces of furniture like that and don’t realize they do come apart, usually just with a Phillips screwdriver.

(I used to have an enormous desk I got for $5 at an auction that had to have belonged to a banker.  It had drawers that didn’t even make it to the back of the desk by a foot, and secretary boards you could pull out, convenient for kids taking notes, and hubby would take it apart and put it back together every time I changed schools.)

Isn’t that conference table gorgeous?!  Not only was it free, the two rolling office chairs were free from my dad’s old office.  The green chairs (only one in view) are stadium-type chairs that can hook together in a row and otherwise stack for convenient storage, and they were about $17 each.  And the standing lamp is an antique I got from an auction that I paid $11 for.  What can I say?  I’m big on auctions, and bargains, and scouring the internet for free items!

As you can see, there are three computers on the table, corresponding to the three bookcases at this point:  the one on the left is for design (craft bookcase on left); the one in the middle is for real-life thingies like learning foreign languages (nonfiction bookcase on right); the computer on the right is for writing fiction (bookcase in the center of sci fi & fantasy hardbound books).

In the foreground are some of the crafty things I do – the long blue pillow I just made so I can give bobbin lace a try, and the books on the right are for my tatting.  Can you see the white ball of DMC Cebelia thread and the center of the doily I’m making by the upper edge of the book?  The blue bag and the white Tupperware container hold all kinds of tatting needles and crochet hooks.  And, naturally, there are several notepads out, some spiral bound and some just plain notepads.

The doggie under the table is Señorita Margarita La Bonita, who has to be in the same room as the Mommy or she starts barking.  She hates it when I even go to the bathroom, because when I shut the door, I apparently don’t exist anymore, even when I still talk to her!  She’s my writing partner and best bud, although she sheds a lot.

My other favorite thing about the library is the bookcase we got for CDs, DVDs, and paperback books.  We’ve lined up our love seat and another antique standing lamp before it, but here it is, stuffed to the gills and with books stacked high on top.

In the first photo of the library, you can see where I had lined up the 232 paperbacks I got recently when a local used bookstore went out of business and had boxes of books for $5 (I bought eight, lol!).  Those are on that media bookcase, but we actually have about ten boxes of books out in our shed that we’ve read and re-read and stashed out there.  In truth, our former house was so small and crowded, although we’ve stored a lot of stuff out there, we actually built the shed just for storing extra books!

I’m a happy camper, now.  I have room for all my work and my crafts and most of my books, and I’m much more productive now than when I was stuck with a laptop on a pillow in my lap, with barely room on the windowsill for a glass of tea.  Once we get that fourth bookcase put together, a lot of what is now on the table can fill in the spaces with the remaining hardbounds we have yet to unpack, and my work space will then be perfect!

Eva Caye’s bio:

It took a health crisis for Eva to turn to her favorite hobby, writing, to find meaning and inspiration once more.  She’s studied everything from homesteading skills such as gardening and building rocket stoves and solar ovens, specifically for one of the prequels she’s working on for the To Be Sinclair series, Undying Dawn, when Kyan Sinclair lands on his new planet.

The To Be Sinclair series began with the question, “What will the most important ruling family in the history of the galaxy be like?”  And the first two novels, Dignity and Majesty, answered the question, “What can a lady scientist who is given all the money, opportunity, and support she needs achieve on her own?”  The other eleven books in the series are about Empress Felice and Emperor Victor Sinclair’s children and grandchildren, whereas the two prequels Eva is working on take place a few hundred years before the main series.

Civility by Eva Caye

Publicly announced to the entire galaxy, Galactic Assembly Representative Princess Elizabeth Sinclair has been assigned the task to go to the interdicted Attican Empire in person to renegotiate their reparations treaty with the Sinclair Demesnes.  Her niece, Captain Princess Alea Sinclair, is tasked to be Elizabeth’s ‘lady-in-waiting’, a diplomatic word for ‘bodyguard’. Behind the scenes, the unusual nature of this mission holds no sway over Elizabeth’s newly developed menopausal symptoms, and the Emperor has commanded Alea not to talk about her cruel and demanding commanding officer, Commodore Lord Kieran Renois, to anyone…!

 Their stated mission isn’t the only one, however.  While exploring a new planet, the Atticans have come across an intelligent alien species they name the Chalate.  As Elizabeth falls for the formerly scorned Kieran Renois under the hypnotic influence of the chalates, Alea and her two new Attican friends strive desperately to understand the aliens, who act like simple pets.

 How can Alea figure out the intent of the chalates, especially if they’re influencing Elizabeth, the most brilliant social analyst and diplomat of the Sinclair Demesnes, and especially if she has to renegotiate this trillion-dollar treaty?

 This is the final volume of the To Be Sinclair series.  This novel contains sexual situations.”

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6 Responses to Eva Caye combines office & library into one authorly space #AuthorsInSpace

  1. Eva Caye says:

    Thanks for letting me show off all my bargains, Cara! After seeing all the other lovely author spaces on your blog, though, I feel pretty humble to show mine!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      You have a great office. So “authorly” looking! Quite a few authors I’ve featured have been thrift hunters.

  2. OMG you are so like me with the bargain hunting. I love a bargain. Have you heard of freesharing? There are groups for it on Facebook and in some local newsletters. It’s a way for people to list items they want to give away or that they need. It’s free to take part. I moved once and found it a great way to benefit those who needed items I no longer needed. I plan to downsize again with the next move, whenever that will be. Love your devotion to books. I do not come close to your awesomeness there, but I salute it!

  3. Lea Kirk says:

    Gaaahhh!! Bargain hunter’s dream office. It’s beautiful, and I LOVE it!

  4. Liza O'Connor says:

    Here I am trying to give away stuff & kicking my plants outdoors, and here you are gathering massive quantities of books and heavy furniture. I had a giant heavy piece of furniture upstairs. I couldn’t move it, so I removed all the drawer, unscrewed everything I could find, but still couldn’t get it to come apart. In the end, I got a circular saw and cut it apart piece by piece. I won’t get any heavy furniture again.

    However, your shelves are most impressive.

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