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What famous person have you met?

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In Alien Attraction, heroine Sunny Weathers is a reality show star. She’s Kardashian-famous. Her producers send her to another planet to become alien’s mail order bride. She’s supposed to keep a low profile and convince people marrying an alien is for real, and not a gimmick for the show, but she gets recognized right away…

“Great meteor fireballs. Sunny Weathers!” a woman squealed.

The winged cambot zipped out of sight as a brunette bounded into the lounge. “It is you, right? Sunny Weathers from Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures? I love your show. I never miss an episode. It’s you, right? Tell me it’s you.”

“It’s me,” I said.


“Really,” I said. “It’s nice to meet you…”

“Gretchen. Gretchen Frankel.” She widened her eyes. “Are you filming now? Is this an episode for the show?” She swept her gaze around the lounge.

I scanned it, too. I had no idea where the cambot had flown off to, but I didn’t doubt it was recording everything. I smiled at Gretchen. “No, marrying an alien is for real.”

She frowned. “But all the shows are real, right? I mean, it’s a reality show.”

The naiveté of the viewing public never ceased to surprise me. The only “real” aspect was that instead of employing professional actors, they filmed “ordinary” people who worked without a written script. That didn’t mean the show wasn’t staged. We were coached. Producers overdramatized small disagreements to make them appear much more serious. Scenes were reshot if there wasn’t enough conflict or angst, comments in confessionals were often taken out of context, and don’t get me started on the frankenbiting.

“I meant I’m on hiatus. I love being on the show, but it doesn’t leave me a lot of time for a love life. I figured this is my best chance for a relationship. I’m doing this for me.” Apogee didn’t want any hint my intentions were disingenuous, so I’d been instructed to say I was between seasons.

“How will it work in the long term? If you’re on Dakon, and your job is back on Earth…” Gretchen was a little sharper than her earlier comment had led me to assume.

Let the producers mull that over. Hey, I didn’t say it—she did.

Alien Attraction blurb

How insane is it to marry an alien as a publicity stunt?

I’m Sunny Weathers. You probably recognize me from my reality show, Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures. I’ve had to perform a lot of crazy stunts in my career, but this one takes the cake! The producers are sending me to another planet to become an alien’s mail-order bride. I’m not allowed to tell anybody it’s a put-on, and as soon my contract is up, I’ll be leaving planet Dakon. Unfortunately, I hadn’t counted on my attraction to Mr. Tall, “Darq,” and Handsome…

I’m Darq. The moment I laid eyes on the female with pretty mud-colored hair and a sunny smile, I knew she was mine. Competition for females is fierce, and I was determined to claim a mate from the latest shipment from Earth, so I broke the rules. If anyone finds out, my own brother will banish me to the icy wilderness, and I’ll lose my mate. I will do anything to keep her…

Release date: May 15. Reserve your copy now. Preorder from your favorite bookseller here.

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Enter the Alien Attraction Celebrity Name Game!

For a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card, tell me the name of a celebrity or famous person you’ve met. If you haven’t met anybody, you can still enter by telling me who you’d like to meet.

The “famous” person can be an entertainer, a politician, a notable business person, anyone with a recognizable name. For contest purposes, “meet” is defined as someone you have seen in person and actually spoken to. Be sure to leave your email address, either in the sign-in box, or  with your comment. You won’t be added to any list. I just need a way to contact you if you win!

The contest is open until Wednesday, April 18, 6 p.m CST.  The winner will be announced on Thursday, April 19.

BTW, I’ve met Julianne and Derek Hough of Dancing with the Stars.


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59 Responses to Have you met somebody famous? Tell me who & enter to win a $20 Amazon card!

  1. April Baker says:

    I’ve met the cast of Gilligan’s island when I was 17 or 18 at a picture signing in Indianapolis,IN. It was amazing to meet them❤️

  2. Dianne says:

    Lol I met and talked with Stephen King. He is amazing

  3. Angela says:

    I met Dr. Seuss when I was in elementary school. I got his autograph and everything. I thought I was sooo cool.

  4. Misty Sulouff says:

    I’ve never met anyone famous yet but would be honored to meet Nora Roberts.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      I’d like to meet her, too. My most famous author meets were Lora Leigh and Shayla Black, but they’re not (yet) at the level of Nora Roberts.

  5. Sabrina says:

    My mom….while she’s not a celebrity, she is most definitely famous to me and my siblings! She is our super hero, and will always be!

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Glad you have such a superhero mom, although she is not a famous name. I’ll allow the entry because you took the time to comment.

  6. Brandi says:

    About 9 years ago. I met AL Pacino and Sofia Loren in Los Angeles at my friend’s ex-boy friends house. He came from a pretty affluent family in the acting community and turns out the two actors are his godparents.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      Cool. It’s amazing how everyone is connected. The “six degrees of separation,” the idea everybody in the world is six or fewer steps away from each other, is really true.

  7. Laurel Lasky says:

    I met and interviewed Robert Kennedy in 1964. I also met and talked with Richard Nixon and was introduced to his family.

  8. Pam Stanton says:

    I’m probably dating myself but the most famous person I ever met was Peter Noone (former lead singer for Herman’s Hermits back in the 1960s). Thank you for the contest.

  9. Tina Russell says:

    I have met George Clooney, his parents live in the same town I do! I actually know them personally, so does this still count?

  10. Jo Jones says:

    I met George W. Bush when his father was running for president. He flew into the airport where I worked and needed a ride into town. I was just leaving to go into town and gave him a ride. I met Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. I worked for the Arkansas Library Association and we visited him in his office at the capitol where he signed a proclamation promoting Public Libraries. You can see I worked several different jobs.

  11. KJ Van Houten says:

    Do signings and conventions count? Authors have included Nora Roberts, Karen Moning, Jayne Krentz, Christina Dodd, and a number of others. actors have included Mira Furlan, Eric Etebari, Doug Jones, and Sean Austin. I got Buzz Aldrin’s autograph twice. But the most famous person I met was Carl Sagan. He came to talk at the university I attended and the space club I was in got to meet him beforehand.

  12. Kim BookJunkie says:

    It was a long time ago & I was only 12 years old but I had lunch with Easy-E! Thanks for the fun giveaway!!!

  13. Tracey Hammett says:

    I went to High School with Sam Trammell who played Sam Merlotte in the series True Blood. Great guy! He actually went to prom with my best friend!

  14. Deanna Lang says:

    Do authors count? I’ve met Jayne Ann Krentz and I have a serious fangirl crush on her.

  15. Tricia says:

    We took our boys to the San Diego Zoo….and we met Chuck Norris who was there with his sons. He was very nice. We just said hello and all together we watched the great apes. Very cool.

    When I was a little girl my parents took us to Jungle Land in Fl. I met Clint Walker. He was very tall to a little girl…and looked like prince charming! LOL

  16. I met Anton and Eric from strictly come dancing (the UK version of dancing with the atars). They are so nice!

  17. Kathy Watts says:

    Well, for 10 years I worked at Dollywood at the Backstage restaurant. That is the one that would feed the various country music singers and their bands when they performed at Dollywood. I have gone in on a day the park was closed and waited on Dolly Parton, Jack and Sherry Herschend. (I have the coffee cup Dolly drank out of!)

    As for Dolly, I have had my picture made with her multiple times over the year. Steve and I even owned, yes owned one of the cars that were used to transport Dolly around in. Steve helped on the floats that Dolly would ride for her parades. He had a pillow that Dolly sat on, not sure where it is.

    Some of the others I have met, Jerry Clowers, Wyonia Judd, Neil McCoy, Tammy Wynette, actually the list of country singers is very, very extensive because they would have concerts all summer long. It is sad at how many of them are now deceased too. We also attended many of the concerts.

  18. I met LL Cool J (actor, rapper, author). He was very sweet and humble. Not to mention good-looking. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  19. Sheila H. says:

    Harrison Ford! He was filming the 4th Indiana Jones movie locally, and staying at the hotel where I worked at the desk. On his way out one morning, I happened to be working a double shift, and we were both having coffee in the lobby. He mumbled ‘good morning’ as he left. I did not faint!

  20. Marika Weber says:

    For me…hockey players. Wayne Gretzky, etc. From 1999-2004, I worked for the Dallas Stars Hockey Club. If they played during that time, I meet them. Seriously. I saw the Stars win the Stanley Cup and then had to watch, on our home ice, the New Jersey Devils win it.


  21. Anonymous says:

    I have met Reba McIntyre. I was a fan club member and got to go backstage when she was in my area.

  22. Renee Ybarra says:

    I’ve met the band Black Veil Brides and I got to meet Cody Criswell of Artifas. All really awesome guys!!

  23. Becky says:

    The celebrity encounters I have had have all been boring, so I have to share one that happened to my biological mother (I’m basically her clone, so close enough!)

    While vacationing in Vegas one year, she decided to enter a poker tournament. The stakes in this tournament were pretty high, so most of the contestants were super-serious poker players and professionals. She’s neither of those things, so she didn’t expect to get far.
    But she kept winning on to the next level, until it was down to her and two guys. One of them was a huge ass, and extremely misogynist. So they face off, and she looks at her hand; she doesn’t have anything, but decides to bluff and stay in and up the ante. The ass hesitates, hems and haws, before folding. She laid down her cards to expose her bluff. He was livid. Not only had he lost to a bluff, but he lost to a woman no less! He threw an actual tantrum before storming up.

    That man, it turns out, was Jose Conseco.

  24. Michaela Shannon-Sank says:

    I go to sci fi conventions (huge nerd here!) so I’ve met quite a few celebrities, but one of my favourites was my daughter’s first convention. It was about three years ago and David Tennant was set to appear, and as my daughter and I are massive Whovians, she decided (with a little nudging from me) to cosplay as Donna Noble (The Doctor’s companion) in her wedding dress and carrying an adipose. (Cute little alien from the show, long story) So at his panel he caught sight of her and asked if she was dressed as Donna, she blushed and stammered out that she was and he was so delighted. And then when we walked up to him for his autograph later, she let loose with one of Donna’s classic lines to him and he burst out laughing. She was so happy that she made him laugh! And my husband managed to capture that moment with his phone so I will have it forever.

  25. flchen1 says:

    That is so cool, Cara! I’ve met Tawny Weber, Erin Nicholas, Jennifer Bernard, Candis Terry, Samantha Chase, and Melanie DeJonge (of Melanie Shawn)–that was VERY cool! That’s as close to famous as I’ve gotten!

  26. Connor Crowe says:

    I met Neil Gaiman before, he was a pleasure 🙂

  27. Jade Cary says:

    Natalie Maine, the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks had a child in my son’s classroom. The highlight was when she came to class to help on a holiday art project and then sang Lullaby acapela (Life began when I saw your face/and I hear your laugh like a serenade). Every child and parent in the class knew the lyrics and we all sang along. Later, at a party, I had a long discussion with her on the fallout from her concert criticism of the then president. Lovely lady and an amazing memory.

    • Cara Bristol says:

      How awesome that she came to the class. Goes to show that celebrities have “normal” lives outside of their fame.

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