Reality show star reportedly to marry an extraterrestrial…

Sunny Weathers, star of the hit reality show, “Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures” announced today she will travel to planet Dakon to become an alien’s mate.

“It is absolutely not a publicity stunt,” Weathers said. “I’m doing this to find true love. Who wouldn’t want to ‘marry’ a tall, dark alien with horns?”

Weathers will be among the second group of women to travel across the galaxy to planet Dakon through the Terra-Dakon Goodwill Exchange Program, in which Earth receives Illuvian ore for females. After it was discovered last year that Earth’s government was exiling female felons to Dakon, the “Rocks for Brides” program was temporarily halted.

Since the program was reinstated last month, women have been clamoring to sign up, and there is now a waiting list.

“This is the chance of a lifetime,” said Weathers who was twice nominated for a ‘Nettie Award for her stunts in the reality show. “I’m a little nervous that Dakon is suffering from an ice age after it was hit by an asteroid, but I plan on taking lots of warm clothes with me. Besides,” she said, with a wink, “I’ll have a hot alien to keep me warm.”

Weathers’ experience on Dakon will air on her show, “Sunny Weathers’ Excellent Adventures.” Broadcast dates are TBD. Also, USA Today Bestselling Author Cara Bristol will chronicle the adventure in her latest book, Alien Attraction to be released May 15. Readers can reserve their copy now. Preorder is available on all vendor sites.

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